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Santa Clara Elementary School

Miami, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 600


Santa Clara Elementary School
1051 Northwest 29th Terrace
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 635-1417
Santa Clara Elementary School is located in Miami, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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En mi opinion... la escuela va por buen camino,para que nuestros niños puedan alcanzar un nivel más alto,académicamente hablando,deberíamos de formar un equipo empezar nosotros como padres a hablar y guiar a nuestros hijos para que puedan alcanzar la meta,no dejarle todo el peso a los msestros,pir mi parte considero que mi hija wsta en el porcentaje de alcanzar logros,pero eso se debe a un equipo..padre hijo maestro....en la casa es dondecempezamos a firmarlos con la ayuda de los maestros claro!el éxito de nuestros hijos depende en gran manera de los padres,nosotros somos los que tenemos que guiarlos,ser su bastón para..
I wanted to give it four stars but I have a few concerns. They speak way too much Spanish for my liking. Not that it's a problem, but some of the teachers of the English speaking students have heavy Spanish accents which are hard to understand and detrimental to the student's learning ability.However, my greatest concern is safety and bullying at this school. I have had to speak to principals, counselors, and teachers about the safety of my child. I thought this was a Bully-Free Zone by law??? They take it very lightly and say kids will be kids. I have even had to go down to the School Board about this. My child was attacked after all the complaints that I made. Another student tried to kick him in the head after breakfast. The security guards are nonchalant and out of shape. The Principal is not approachable in demeanor. However, the counselor is amazing and very professional. I hope she is getting paid what she's worth. Ms. S. Chinn is the best teacher by far. Also, as for the curriculum, my child is not being challenged enough and they are giving me a hard time just about simply inquiring about getting him into Gifted, Advanced, or Honors classes. A simply inquiry should be honored. He is bored out of his mind in class because the work is too easy. But back to my main issue, allow me to reiterate the importance of safety and their lack thereof. Also, the teacher lied to me for an entire 6 months straight, in front of my child, about his classroom behavior. That is not helping my child progress. That is encouraging dishonesty. Now I will have to spend the entire summer retraining him.
I really like it because it has great teachers and staff. it also has a great library full of great books to read
I think in the everyday this school is doing a great job where its most important, with the kids. My son went to this school for less than six months. We had just come to the US. Although the language was not a problem(my son speaks english), he still face different challenges, and the teachers and staff was so very helpful in him overcoming them. He loved it there and learn a great deal.
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