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Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Miami, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 321


Thomas Jefferson Middle School
525 Northwest 147th Street
Miami, FL 33168
(305) 681-7481
Thomas Jefferson Middle School is located in Miami, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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This school is not terrible but its not great either, there's some good teachers that help the kids out throughout stuff and the school councelour is a really responsible and caring person, but they do need to make some arrangements I used to study there and some things they need to change is the cafeteria, they need to give other mmealsand have a kinder staff, the bathrooms, we all know school bathrooms are never the best but these bathrooms in particular some are just gross the smell and the water is just bad and Ive been in other school and its not like this also some teachers need to be more involved what they get paid for: teaching, some of them just put videos and online assesments but not actually stand up and teach a lesson like they're supposed to. So yes these school is not terrible but does need to make some arrangements to improve learning and student satisfaction
The Principal there has a terrible attitude. She like to belittle the children and also the parents especially if you are of a different nationality. She treats the kids as if they are delinquents. I have had horrible experience with her.
I attended this school for 7th & 8th grade. This school was horrible! Fights everyday, drugs..... I can only imagine how it is not (being that schools only get worst lately)
i like the major change at( THOMAS JEFFERSON).You have a good teams and excellent teachers.I love that little peace of mind for our kids and parents , in the past,i used to be sad when my son made that entrance. The morning speaker"s remember bullies still have a few of them ,respect for your classmates, THANK YOU TO THE ADMINISTRATION FOR YOUR EFFORT YOU WILL BE BLESS.
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