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Coppergate Elementary School

Middleburg, FL
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  • Grades PK-6
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  • Enrollment: 523


Coppergate Elementary School
3460 Copper Colts Court
Middleburg, FL 32068
(904) 336-0675
Coppergate Elementary School is located in Middleburg, FL and serves grades PK-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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There is an extremely high turnover rate of faculty at this school. That should a send a clear message to parents. The current admin is disorganized, and doesn't communicate well with its parents or employees. When my child's teacher left recently, it was very clear that the problems here start with the top and work their way down. This school plays favorites and has a very immature administration. I would not recommend.
My son attended Coppergate from Kindergarten until 5th grade. At the time he was living with his father. The school evaluated him incorrectly as EBD in Kindergarten and placed him in self contained classes. His father argued but the school insisted it was the best placement for him. He failed third, fourth and finally when he failed fifth the school decided he could not attend summer school in order to be passed. Our son had complained about not liking school for some time and his father had several meetings there where his concerns were brushed aside. We decided at this point he would come reside with me in Virginia. Immediately the school called me for meeting. The principle and head of ESE education told me they did not believe him to be EBD. They believe him to be in the autism spectrum. I have them the ok and they conducted a screening over the course of several months. They brought in a psychologist, a sociologist, an occupational therapist, and a medical doctor who specialized in learning disabilities. We had another meeting and they officially changed his assessment to Aspergers Autism. He finally got what he needed and thrived. He was so scared being around EBD children who were prone to physical outbursts and challenging authority that he could not function in Coppergate. At the time, I knew nothing of autism. Once I began reading about it, I saw the signs right away. He flaps his hands around his face all the time. He paces and gums to himself. He sat a rocked back and forth. He was a quiet baby who barely cried. So many signs. I'm sad I missed them, that his father missed them. But, the school had been trained. They missed it and it almost ruined the child's life. Copper gate allowed him to be bullied. He didn't know how to articulate what was happening. They placed a vulnerable autistic child precisely the worst place for him. Florida schools have always been lacking in this department. But I'll advise not to trust coppergate to assess your child's needs.
Terrible, terrible school. Cold, rude, and unwelcoming staff. The papers my children are bringing home just seem to have random grades on them. When I requested a conference with my son's teacher multiple times, I was blown off. I want my kids out of here so badly. I feel that the grade on this school is false and misleading. This school should be a D at most. This school and staff will only meet the required minimums to be considered a school. Do not expect them to go even the slightest out of their way to help.
I'm normally not the type to write reviews on anything, but as a parent I'm compelled to do so. I'm just so very unhappy with this school. There was an incident with a vice principal tugging on my child's shirt (he explained to me how she pulled him by his collar) and it was swept under the rug. I spoke to the principal and he insinuated that maybe my child confused a tap on the shoulder with her pulling on his collar (and all because she thought he did something that turned out to be another child)! I think ever since that incident and my "bringing something to their attention" my child has been looked at differently. I'm unhappy with his teacher, the staff, the principal... unfortunately everything.
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