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Newberry High School

Newberry, FL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 693


Newberry High School
400 Southwest 258 Street
Newberry, FL 32669
(352) 472-1101
Newberry High School is located in Newberry, FL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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This school isn't terrible but the way it is run is really bad. The staff is unprofessional and has laughed at kids that come in late and mock them when they leave, the teachers hold kids after the bell for punishment so they will be late for their next class which gets them sent to the dean and you get written up for being tardy. Also if you are right at the door when the bell rings and a teacher or the dean catches you, you have to go to the deans office and get written up which is unfair because a lot of students have been seconds late because their next class is all the way across campus or they had to wait in a line to go to the bathroom, the halls are super narrow and cramped so it takes a long time to get passed them. I just feel their is a lack of empathy for students here and that they don't try and stop teachers from abusing their power and making them late for their next classes as punishment and if a kid is 1 sec late and literally about to open the door, they shouldn't have to get written up. Also the school itself is dingy, it's not the cleanest and the air smells like meldew and the carpets look like they need a good vacuum.
Newberry High School is amazing to say the least! I am a senior this year. Over the years that I have been here, I have seen the school & myself transform into something better. The community is very close & the local buisnesses are more than willing to do what they can for the school. The clubs are very involved with the community. The majority of the students here are intelligent & very polite, if you hang out with the right crowd. The staff will go above & beyond to help you. Many teachers are willing to stay before & after school to benefit their students. I had a very close friend enter freshman year at Newberry with me & she was in a very bad psycological state. Within half of the year, she began to blossom. As we moved along to our sophmore & junior years her personality grew, she had many friends (both students & staff), & she prospered. We compete academically with eachother to be the top of the class. It seems as though they have run out of advanced enough classes for us (hahaha) & the other students who strive to be straight A students. There could be more AP classes, but besides that this school is fantastic. I would never choose anywhere else to go. GO PANTHERS!!
the original graduating class was in 1971, which was approximately 63 students. other graduating classes prior to 1971 graduated from the historical school that i am proud to say is still there.......small close nit group.....when i went there....i have watched this school grow into something positive.........
I have a senior this year and a sophmore that attend NHS. I have been very involved with my children's education and have found the administration to appreciate the parents' involvment. Education is acquired by hard work and communication. The responsabilities of the students are to communicate with their educators and work through obsticales. The only obstical I have encountered is the lack of advanced placement classes which causes students to have to give up on a particular weighted schedule because only certain teachers are qualified to teach advance placment classes which limits their availability. The students who are there for an education and not to slide thorough are suffering a bit, but overall the administration tries very hard to rectify the matters with the sorces they have available to them. Funding is always an issue and we should work harder as a community to help them (the schools and districts) rectify the funding issue when we go to the polls on election day. Our overall experience with NHS is Excellent!!! GO PANTERS!
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