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John F. Kennedy Middle School

North Miami Beach, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1094


John F. Kennedy Middle School
1075 Northeast 167th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
(305) 947-1451
John F. Kennedy Middle School is located in North Miami Beach, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Well, I I have attended this school for all three years so therefore I will tell you about my experience. I am currently in 8th grade and this year , so far, is probably the best. To me every year the school gets better. I KNOW PEOPLE ARE BASHING THE SCHOOL & CLAIMING IT to be dirty, and people are getting pregnant, and smoking. It's NOT TRUE, well not entirely. I am on the "regular" side. YES A GIRL DID GET PREGNANT, BUT IT WASNT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING OR FROM ANYONE FROM THE SCHOOL. She got pregnant from her own personal reasons. She left the school. YES PEOPLE DID SMOKE BUT OT WAS ONLY LIKE A MAXIMUM OF 3PEOPLE. ALSO THEY NEVER DID IT ON OR NEAR SCHOOL GROUND TO NOT INFLUENCE ANYONE.PLUS THOSE WERE THE PREVIOUS GENERATIONS. Now NO ONE. YES THE SCHOOL WAS DIRTY NOW ITS NOT. The school is ACTUALLY CLEAN! They have a STRICT CLEANING POLICY!! But the bathrooms do stink but it's still clean.YES THERE WAS FIGHTS, BUT NOT NO MORE. It's RARE NOW. Overall it's not a bad school. It's like a regular middle school-ish. You just have to attend to see for yourself how you feel. Overall previous- bad, recent-good. BTW THEY HAVE LOTS OF CLUBS!! And if you have an idea for the school, tell.
I'm currently a 6th grader and its a great it has a variety of clubs. Some of the teachers are very good too but the lunch is not so great. And though some students engage in fights almost everyday. I am enrolled in the BEAT program and if your child likes animals, they are going to love FFA and chickens and rabbits.
Soooo I'm a 7th grader currently and let me just tell you, this school is better than your typical down the street home school with ghetto kids. It's a better school than Andover, Highland Oaks, etc. I think the BEAT (I'm in the BEAT) is pretty cool I guess like it's not just a random title; they actually have a Technology class, Agriscience, Sports Med, and Anatomy and Physiology that take the place of electives in the BEAT. On the "regular" side(aka general population but at school its called regular) you can choose your electives but in the BEAT, it's laid out for you as soon as you walk in so you don't get to choose, but it's not entirely bad. The BEAT is about 300-400 kids so everyone kinda knows each other and nobody bullies or is mean. I don't know how it's like on the other side for sure, but I know that our new principal is improving things and instead of wasting time and money punishing bad kids, she rewards good kids. (She is so sweet omg) The clubs are great, too. I'm in Robotics and I recommend everyone join bc it's really fun!! We compete in competitions and all that other stuff. All in all, it's a good school and if you're at a dead end but want to be safe, go there.
All my kids went to this middle school. The school offers lots of services and helpful programs. The college prep program is great and I have met bad, good, great teachers. It's a A school and has shown improvement every year. Like any school a students and parent participation in their education and success will determine how well they do. I think it's a great school.
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