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Palmetto Elementary School

Palmetto, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 709


Palmetto Elementary School
1540 10th Street West
Palmetto, FL 34221
(941) 723-4822
Palmetto Elementary School is located in Palmetto, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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The principal of the school has a very serious attitude problem she is not professional and has many reviews on other websites of her bad attitude she is disrespectful to the parents talks down to them as if they're young children at one time her and the on campus cop cornered me in the office and stood in front of the door so that I could not walk out while they yelled at me because I was removing my son from the school and putting him in a different School me and his father were going through a custody issue at the time and she did nothing but make things harder on me and my family trying to get through this difficult time tried to tell me that I was no good for my son and that she should have him taken by the cops meanwhile she knew nothing of the situation going on an earlier incident at the beginning of the school year was when my son's father took my son off the car ride list and put him as a walker my son's father had to be at work at a certain time and needed to pick him up to drop him off at the babysitters when he made the switch and put my son on the walking list she yelled at his father and called him immature and childish in front of everybody we need to work to take care of our children we cannot get fired because we're waiting in line we were not the only parents who did this at least 20 others did too to be the principal of a elementary school you need to teach children how to be respectful to one another yelling at people in the office or in front of the school building is not respectful you can talk about a problem calmly between two adults that is what we are supposed to be teaching our children not that one person should yell at another or put one person down because of a choice they made that was right for their family my son and me are extremely happy with the new school that he is in although now we have to drive further to get them there the time and gas it takes is so much more worth it then having that lady teach my child that it's okay to yell at people when there's a problem the teachers are great it's the principle that's the problem
The worst school ever. My son attended this school for less then a year. He was hit by other students, we as parents were disrespected when we communicated our concerns, and the teachers and staff are incompetent. We did not have him complete the year due to safety issues. He is thankfully in a wonderful school now. Please listen to your children!
I am very concerned about the lack of communication! Nobody knows anything ever! There is no go here and ask this kind of question or go there and ask this kind of question! It's a game on who can do the least amount of work, considering moving my daughter to another school even though she does like her teacher, it's just to much for me as a parent! I have nothing bad to say about the teachers, they are great!
The lack of communication and planning this school has a reputation for is a direct result of the poor leadership at this school. I was actually nautious after the first week of school because I was so uncomforatble taking my child to school here, and I have since transferred my child to another school district. I hope that the school board takes these reviews to heart and has a serious review of this school and their policies and practices for the sake of the children it is designed to serve.
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