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Port Orange Elementary School

Port Orange, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 401


Port Orange Elementary School
402 Dunlawton Avenue
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 756-7100
Port Orange Elementary School is located in Port Orange, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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I’m doing this so other parents before applying for this school and your children becoming attached to their school mates for them to make the Conscience decision of knowing that the school is not parent friendly And does not have an active Pta because the fact parents are not welcome at the school please please please do your due process and ask around about sending your child here if you have alternatives and if the alternative is driving a little further I would do it hands down.
Amazing! The teachers, staff and administration truly love what they do. They have brought out the best in my children, and have helped them gain confidence, develop new learning strategies and thrive. I can’t say enough good things about this school and its educators.
Our experience thus far has been disappointing. Their pick up and drop off system leaves the little ones behind. Parents are asked to not walk their children to their classrooms beyond the first day. This policy may work for older students who are more independent, but it's absurd to expect a parent to feel comfortable dropping their little kindergartener off in the am at parent loop while bigger kids go wizzing by confidently and your child is standing there frozen. No teachers there to help. A safety patrol (a child) is not an adequate replacement, nor should they be responsible for the deliverance my child. So time to get back in your car and spend ten minutes in traffic and congestion trying to find a spot in the tiny parking lot where you can walk your child to the front door and hope a teacher will be willing to walk your child to their class. because by this point, after all this, they're late and you will find a nasty sticky made out to you from your child's teacher reminding you that you were late and when the bell rings (as if you didn't already feel bad enough as a parent!). But then it suddenly becomes clear why your child doesn't want to go to school and doesn't like their teacher.
Truth be told... Our experience with this school so far has been awful! Although, my child has a great teacher that she adores! The new "safety system" to keep the children safe is NOT WORKING! My child was lost after school for a total of ten minutes on Friday 8/19/16. While I searched for her at the fence and watched her teacher go back into the school to look for her, the principal (Tennille Wallace) kept repeatedly telling me (and other parents) to go back to the start of the sidewalk as I told her we can't find my child. She ignored my apparent verbal and physical cause for concern. REPEATEDLY!This same rudeness happened again today 8/26/16 as soon as the principal arrived outside. She told myself and other parents to "get back to the white pole at the sidewalk" very rude and very disrespectful to all the parents waiting to pick up their child(ren). She talked down to me (and other parents) as if we are children and I'm appalled!!!! The day prior 8/25/16 I did not see the principal, Tennille Wallace and it was a peaceful parent pick up for my child and myself.There's a "rule" that you must keep a large orange piece of paper with your childs name on it to get your child (which i still have not received) this is the second week of school. A piece of paper!?!?Also, the very first week of school I was told that parents are not allowed to walk to their childs classroom before or after school. I find this very absurd! I have two older children and I have never been told I can't go to my childs classroom. I find it concerning that I cannot go to my childs classroom for many obvious reasons. In addition, the very first week of school my child came home with head lice. Costing my husband and I several hours of treating our children, our household and ourselves with lice treatments. Not to mention the cost of over $100 and the discomfort we endured. I understand with the laws in place not much can be done about informing the parents about the lice but schools can take actions to avoid spreading it.My child has witnessed bad behavior from the children at school and very little is done. Our experience at Port Orange Elementary has been very bad.
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