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Rodgers Middle School

Riverview, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 752


Rodgers Middle School
11910 Tucker Road
Riverview, FL 33569
(813) 671-5288
Rodgers Middle School is located in Riverview, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My daughter just started here as an 8th grader and loves it! As an educator I am more than thrilled with her curriculum and excited for what the year will bring.
We moved from out of state and my daughter went to this school the first half of this year. The school is very rough! Kids run through the halls screaming hitting jumping on each other. Boys and girls making out. Kids harassing each other. Go there during class change and I promise you'll wonder if what you're seeing is real! If your child is an extrovert and natural leader, they might be able to rise above the crowd here, but my daughter is a follower and trust me you don't want your child following some of this crowd. Back to school night: hardly any parents attend which shows you how invested the parents are too. The main office is total chaos. I feel bad for the nice lady in there but what a mess! Before my daughter even started we had to correct her schedule (wrong classes) 3 times! Bullying started towards my daughter almost immediately. Grades went from straight As to Bs and Cs in a matter of months. Teachers don't reply to emails. Grades not updated in Edsby. Guidance Counselor said nothing can be done about bullying involving cell phones because they are personal property. The guidance counselor even suggested finding a school that is "not so aggressive". When she said that I realized AGGRESSIVE is the perfect word for this school. Assistant Principal gave some canned response about the school going through change. Said new Administration is changing the culture, etc. While I'm grateful someone is working on this nightmare, that type of change takes years!! This response about change and new leadership is everywhere. I even believe there's something from the Principal on this site about how they're working on changing the school. However it got to be where that response was over used and immediate issues are not being addressed. We pulled our daughter and put her in a local charter school. (Even many staff at the charter school will tell you what horror stories they've heard about Rodgers). After moving my daughter, she went right back to her straight As and no longer deals with the nightmare. If you have any choice at all, do not let your child attend this school!
This is an excellent school! Always improving. As the new communities have popped up more and more funding becomes available and they have done and excellent job putting it to use. Academically challenging, culturally Diverse, EXCELLENT programs! There is a place for everyone at Rodgers. Actively involved families from local community work hard to make Rodgers an amazing school
The teachers never update Edsby and rarely if ever respond to repeated messages. They allow teachers assistants to grade papers for them since they apparently can't spend the time to do it themselves even though they each get a free period. There are kids constantly wandering the halls with no supervision and fights happening all the time. It is not a good school.
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