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Summerfield Crossings Elementary School

Riverview, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 854


Summerfield Crossings Elementary School
11050 Fairway Meadow Drive
Riverview, FL 33579
(813) 672-5621
Summerfield Crossings Elementary School is located in Riverview, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Best school 5 Stars. Excellent staff and security. 100% recommend for students to teachers actually care here
We started our children in private school but the cost eventually became too much and we tried charter school but we were not impressed. We have been at Summerfield Crossings for 2 years and we couldn't be happier. The principal, staff, and guidance are all amazing and my children are thriving. I would give this school 5stars and I would recommend this school to any family!
summerfield crossing has a lot of work to do for me to consider it a good school. first day last year my son took a book to lunch to read and forgot the book, when he went back he found out the lunch lady threw it out!!! a BOOK!!!! the lunch room is a big problem, wait lines are so long that some kids only get 4 mins to sot and eat. my son has come home starving b.c he didn't get to eat his lunch before he had to go back to class. another issue is the ELP after school help, my son went for a little while but i pulled him out b.c all they did was play! he came home with a bag of paper airplanes he and some friends made. this is supposed to after school help for reading and math not build airplanes for two hours.when i asked him about it he said they play a lot. its infuriating! the wait to pick up your kids at the gate is so long! school is out at 215 but they don't actually walk out of the school till 225-230! that's 15 mins of the hot Florida weather, by the time i get them home they are so thirsty and dehydrated! when you asked to talk to the principal or assistant principal they will tell you they are out of campus but don't be fooled i have seen the assistant sitting in her office when i asked to meet with her before. bottom line is if you can send your children to the other summerfield school do it! save yourself a headache
This school fails at being educators. Education takes a variety of forms including discipline, social, and behavioral as well as academics. They talk a good talk and they will tell you have much they like your child and think they are great but when it comes to down to the reality of being adults in charge and educating, they have a completely different action. I was even spoken to about the incidents per child and how proud they were because it was so low (in their opinion). I now suspect that it is low because the remove all children that do not fit their definition of normal. Not every child is the same and when a child falls out of what they deem as normal, they ship them off to another school so they do not have actually be responsible and educate the child. Yes my child has issues to deal with, I am being a parent and getting them resolved. It takes time to help children, I expected the educators to be part of that solution, not to ship them off somewhere else...but that's what they did. We don't have "the tools" to help your child...are you kidding me? What copout. What happened to our schools? If you have a choice, make it another school.
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