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Fox Chapel Middle School

Spring Hill, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 728


Fox Chapel Middle School
9412 Fox Chapel Lane
Spring Hill, FL 34606
(352) 797-7025
Fox Chapel Middle School is located in Spring Hill, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Terrible. My daughter is in this school because she was zoned to this school for our address upon moving. My high honors student now struggles just to pass courses. When she cries at school theybtwll her theybcant help her. The only great teacher who is effective there is in the library. The rest of the staff is pretty incompetent. Thank god my child will me moving. Don’t send your kids here unless you want them in extra therapy and on medication.
kids are wild and out of control.
They don't help with special needs kids and their education. They sweep bullying under the rug and administration does nothing about it. Administration will toss the phone around to others with serious situations and complaints because they do not want to handle it themselves and solve the situation. That you end up no where at all. They refuse to help you get an IEP when a disabled child needs one and say its because of funding was cut. They give kids more power and do NOT discipline them the way they should be. They allow kids that have sexually assulted other kids stay not only in school but the same class as the victim. I have had 3 children go through this school and it only got worse. HORRIBLE
My child was placed in Fox Chapel solely because we were new to the area and it was the closest school. I'm already considering taking them out.The first problem I had was they put my child in an elective that I specifically requested for them NOT to be in. After sending a note, as well as a phone call (which was not returned), it took them 2 1/2 weeks for them to get switched out. My child was written up within the first week for "foul language" because they were overheard using a harmless word in a private conversation. Also, my child went from being an A and B student to low D's. You're informed via paperwork that your child is failing, but there's nothing they do otherwise to help the students. I've requested extra help or extra credit work to boost the grade and my requests have fallen on deaf ears. On another seperate occasion my child was referred to the school psychologist without my knowledge or permission and I never received a phone call afterwards. I didn't find out about it until my child came home from school. The dress code is asinine. Even though they don't have to wear uniforms, the list of what they CAN'T wear is extensive. They integrate the 3 grades in the elective classes which I don't think is a good idea. This has caused the older classmen to pick on and bully the lower classmen. Most of the disciplinary action they take is putting students in in-school suspension (ISS) or lunch detention which isn't that effective. My child also had issues with other kids on the bus. Even after repeated complaints these kids haven't had their bus privileges taken away and continue to misbehave. The buses are also ridiculously crowded sometimes having 4 kids squished into a seat. For a month and a half the buses were late by up to 45 minutes. One afternoon an administrator got on my child's bus and said that if they had after school activities that they may be late for, the parents should come to school and pick them up. What if the parents couldn't come to the school? The parents rely on the transportation for a reason. I don't recommend this school unless you don't have any other choice.
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