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R J Murray Middle School

St. Augustine, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 837


R J Murray Middle School
150 North Holmes Boulevard
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 547-8470
R J Murray Middle School is located in St. Augustine, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I would rate my experience at this school very well. The teachers are fantastic and so is the staff they are all also very generous.
I had high hopes for this school but unfortunately, the experience has been pretty awful. The amount of bullying that goes on unchecked at this school is truly remarkable. This was surprising considering the "Zero Tolerance for Bullying" signs plastered all over the school... Speaking from my experience and those of some other parents I have spoken to recently, a child that reports bullying is often made to feel like a nuisance, bullying reports are lost, and there is no follow-up with the child to be sure situation has been resolved. That said, most of the teachers have been good academically but either oblivious or apathetic to what occurs between students in their classrooms and hallways. I understand that running a school is no easy task and that test scores and grades are the main focus of teachers and administration, after all that's what schools are for. But when a student is bullied, it affects them in so many ways that it doesn't really matter how great the teachers are academically.
Let's call Murray Middle School what it really is: a segregated school. There are two populations here: The Cambridge/Arts group and the mainstream. You can guess which group is 95% white and which one is mostly minorities. The school administration and teachers go to great lengths to isolate and 'protect' the Cambridge/Arts kids, most of whom are out of zone and would not be there otherwise. The kids on the mainstream halls are largely left to fend for themselves from the typical ills of an inner-city low income school. As a parent, you may be perfectly fine with this arrangement, especially if your child is in the 'right group.' Personally, I find this to be an unhealthy setup which breeds class struggles unnecessarily.
Murray is amazing. My son is in the Cambridge program and his teachers, staff and the principal are all fantastic. Any reviews saying that Murray is in a "dangerous" part of town are completely blown out of proportion and may, sadly, have to do with the fact that Murray has a pretty even mix of black and white children. Also, Has anyone noticed all of the Sheriffs in St. Augustine? They are at EVERY school. I feel that my son is completely safe and thriving at Murray. I wouldn't choose another school for him. Perhaps those that don't like it need to send their children to one of those segregated private schools. Yuk!
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