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Dickenson Elementary School

Tampa, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 633


Dickenson Elementary School
4720 Kelly Road
Tampa, FL 33615
(813) 873-4732
Dickenson Elementary School is located in Tampa, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Five stars This school is excellent ...I trust it
Poor policies and procedures for bullying and general classroom accountability
Not sure how this school has so many great reviews..I have had terrible experiences with the office staff on numerous occasions! They do not know how to talk to people and are pretty rude actually. I have seen them push aside a poor little girl hysterical crying in the office because a boy punched her and they were not trying to help her because they were busy doing other things, while myself and other parents in the office were watching the situation in disgust in the office. I had to miss my sons very first Christmas play because the kids went in my purse the night before and somehow dropped my ID on the floor...This was a terrible moment for me because I never miss anything concerning my children, I understand it may have been for security purposes but I have been in that office so many times with my kids and I know they were familiar with me..I cried with anger and disappointment because my son looked for me and didn't see me there until the very end...I tried talking to Mr. Moody the school principal about it...I started it off with, " hello, I am having a really bad day" trying to control my tears and he just backfired at me saying "Yea well so am I"...I knew then I had no reason to talk to him further. The lack of empathy and service from that school is on another level. I am a very friendly and respectful person/ mother and don't think anyone should be talked to or dealt with the way this school's office staff does. Please do not think this anything about the teachers, I think they are great from what I've seen. The assistant principal is not nice either and has a terrible attitude. The school nurse is friendly, however. Ohhhh and what is even more terrible is how parents will drop their kids off in the morning, little little kids many times have been running to the door to make it in by 8am, I have seen the staffers watch them running towards them and close the door making them have to walk near the morning traffic to sign themselves in. Terrible Terrible Terrible. Some kids don't even know where the office is and will just stand outside of the school cafeteria entrance looking around confused because there isn't even anyone around to direct them. I will be removing my son once the school year is over.
The new administration is really focusing on education and is super supportive if you have concerns. Teachers seem to work hard and the students are friendly!
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