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Andrew Jackson Middle School

Titusville, FL
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 548


Andrew Jackson Middle School
1515 Knox McRae Drive
Titusville, FL 32780
(321) 269-1812
Andrew Jackson Middle School is located in Titusville, FL and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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It’s not even worth a negative rating. Save your children from the soul crushing, life sucking hole Brevard county has the audacity to call an education. This school has also been on lockdown more than any other school in Brevard co this year. I gave it a one star rating because there is no option for “0” star.
Horrible experience. Glad MD Jones is leaving.
The worst decision I ever made in my entire life was putting my child in this school. The teachers are subpar at best. The principal is only concerned with how she and the school looms on paper. The dean is a joke, and the resource officer is one of the sorriest humans I have ever met. TPD should not even employ him as an officer of the law, let alone allow him daily contact with children. If you want your child to find out how horrible other humans can be then sure, send them here. If your child isn't in the Cambridge program or a member of at least two music programs, you'd be better off sending your child to a dumpster for the day. The bullying, drugs, violence, racism, are just the icing on top of a cake that's barely being educated enough to pass the state tests. How sickening is it to have to say, that my biggest, MY BIGGEST, regret as a parent so far in life is sending my child to this school.
While the Cambridge program at Andrew Jackson Middle School, a magnet program within the school which admits a limited number of students each school year, is meeting the needs of the academically advanced students, most of the other students, who are not part of the Cambridge program, are left to flounder. The Principal, Mrs. Jones is far more concerned with appearances over substance. Most of the teachers are extremely unhappy, and this manifests by a high turn over rate and a palpable unhappiness among AJMS's teachers. Instead of addressing the very real student discipline piroblems, the administration sends misbehaving students back to class without any sort of consequence. Because they do this instead of writing a referrals or suspensions, it gives the false impression that discipline problems are down from previous years. Instead, the problems are left unaddressed. The students are well aware of this new unofficial policy, and this has resulted in serious problems such as thefts, break-ins, physical altercations, and bullying incidents. However, on paper, Mrs. Jones appears to have developed a miraculous discipline policy, when if fact she is "cooking the books" on not only the discipline issues, but grades, as well. She is more concerned about the image she presents, rather than relating to the students and faculty in a genuine manner. If your child attends Andrew Jackson Middle School, please consider a different magnet school, private school, or homeschool, Thank you for taking the time to read this disturbing but fair review. Nothing is more important than your child's education. Your child may get an adequate education at Andrew Jackson Middle School (sadly, most will fall through the cracks), but your child will not receive an experience which will prepare them for college and the workplace. Employers do not take profanity and failure to complete work on time very lightly, do they?
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