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Meadowlane Primary Elementary School

West Melbourne, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-3
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  • Enrollment: 748


Meadowlane Primary Elementary School
2800 Wingate Boulevard
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 723-6354
Meadowlane Primary Elementary School is located in West Melbourne, FL and serves grades PK-3.
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I have been pleased overall. The school is a warm, inviting place for the students.
This school only cares about how much money they make. It's a constant with all the fund raisers. Even the first day of school my kids come home like a billboard full of advertisements. Terrible!!! School is for learning, not making money. The front desk staff are completely self absorbed and rude. Sorry honey, you picked your career field, if you don;t like it try yoga?
The staff in the front office is the worst that I've EVER DEALT WITH!!! I've had to change my child's school more than a few times due to being a military family. They all are absolutely HORRIBLE! They talk down to you and treat you like you're a child! They are LAZY! The amount of times you have to come into the school for registration and bus transportation, registration during work hours only, (meaning from 7:30-3pm, don't expect them to try to help you out and stay a little late or anything cause you are unable to take off work, God forbid they actually would have to stay late...) is absolutely insane!!! They usually have no idea what they are talking about or give you wrong information when you are asking a question. If you ask for further explanation they immediately become defensive and say, "I'm not going to argue with you" or "They say I don't make the rules" this is the worst school and the teachers are also lazy!!! My child's 1st grade teacher was the worst teacher I've seen! My child would finish his work before all the other children and become bored, instead of giving him something more to work on, she would stick his desk in a corner so he would be sitting all by himself with his face staring at the wall because he would start talking to other students. Great way to reward one of your smartest students huh?!? I never once was able to speak to her during or after school. I only met with her once for a parent teacher conference for 15 minutes, she told me she was going to send my child home with materials that I hadn't received from the beginning of the year, big surprise... They were never sent home. I left multiple messages up at the front desk, but I've already gone over how incompetent those women are... I requested to speak to the principal on multiple occasions and was told I would be contacted back and NEVER WAS! I honestly don't know how this school got rated so highly because it is HORRIBLE!!! Thank GOD we will be moving out of this district in the next couple months because if I had to deal with these people for 1 more year I would FLIP OUT ON THEM!!! Also, we are being charged over $100 a semester for my child to ride the bus to school, even though the bus stops 5 houses down from my home and kids that are further down the road don't pay. The teachers and staff have seriously gone down hill. Stay away from this school if you can.
I am extremely happy with the personal concern the teachers have with the students. My son has Mrs. Koeberl and she makes a point about contacting the parent directly with any concerns and to keep things consistent with school and home. My son has gone here for 2 years and was treated well both years. I am very happy with care, and the safety of this school.I would have to agree about the front office though, (which doesn't effect my sons learning/care so I'm not going to give it any less stars) where sometimes you can stand there at the desk, clearly visible to some of the people working, and not be acknowledged for a little while. I do try to keep in mind that they are busy too!
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