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Bear Lakes Middle School

West Palm Beach, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 719


Bear Lakes Middle School
3505 Shenandoah Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 615-7700
Bear Lakes Middle School is located in West Palm Beach, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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As a whole, this school is horrible. There are many great kids that attend the school who unfortunately get corrupted by the environment. However, everything starts from the top: administration. All the administration cares about are the test scores and the public perception of the school. The principal, though he dresses professionally in his expensive suits, is one of the most unprofessional people at the school; and too many of his employees follow behind him. There is favoritism among the staff and the student body and everybody knows it. One teacher will get reprimanded for doing something that another teacher is permitted to do. Teachers are treated differently, and the male teachers are treated more respectfully than the female teachers. Student discipline is inconsistent and unfair. Certain students, usually the worse ones, get away with repeatedly misbehaving, and suffer little to no consequences. Administration does not recognize nor do they reward the good students either. Due to a lack of incentives for good grades and good behavior, many students simple choose to stop caring and start doing whatever they want. It's a shame that the parents don't get more involved in what goes on here because this could become a good, or at least decent school if certain things changed, starting with a new administration.
Wow is all I can really say about this school. I went there when I was younger and let me tell you this school has gone to sh__. They have all bathrooms locked and you can only.use the ones by the office or in PE.My kid has to run across campus if they need to use it. No lockers and more so your kids backpacks are over 50 to 60lbs. The bullying at this school is out of control and even a few teachers have quit due to it. This no bullying allowed that they say is a joke. They say oh yes we will handle it and then they swap it under the rug. Well no more I say.When a child ask for help with understanding the teachers get made and say stuff like you should have been listen. Well teacher maybe that one child didn't get it. Do your job and show them. Some kids need one on one to understand. Teachers see kids being bullied and do nothing some of the bullies are teachers. People at this school make me sick.and if we could change to any school and get bussing for a different school we would in a heart beat. The thought that my child will have to go to Palm beach lakes high school next year makes me wanna cry because it's the same as bear lakes all those disrespectful kids from this school go to the high school and because no one at home and no one in middle school did anything to teach them any better they will keep doing it and getting away with it. Smh
If your child wants to learn something, not there goals it. Teachers cannot cure the bulling that exists there. Children are aggressive with new ones. Plagiarism is not punished. I repeat the teachers and the principal are care, but the result is not the best.
im a student at BLMS. this school is the best i learned a lot not to be bully my life haved change since i went to BLMS. the principal, teachers,ap,they the best you learn something new every year. Thank you BLMS you the best.
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