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Everglades Elementary School

Weston, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 1126


Everglades Elementary School
2900 Bonaventure Boulevard
Weston, FL 33331
(754) 323-5600
Everglades Elementary School is located in Weston, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 10 out of 10
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I, as a mother, am very happy with the experience in Everglades Elementary. We moved our child from a private school during school year and his adjustment was amazing. The teachers (this class switches) and the students welcomed him and made the transition faster. Academically, I am extremely satisfied with his improvement, since we moved him because of the low academic in the private school. Also, I need to say that the front desk staff is very efficient and all the time I need support, they worked hard to help me.I am very thankful with this school.
Excellent. I have been at other schools and the leadership role this principal has blows everyone else out of the water. He's highly intelligent, kind and approachable. The office staff is professional and you are always pleasantly and professionally greeted. Students are able to learn and be challenged while still being allowed to be a kid. My kids love this school. Learning is still FUN at this school. Great job Principal Tillinger!
Everglades is extremely well organized school with great principal and good teachers. So far we had only one “bad teacher”, who tough only required minimum. “Pushy-parents” (see post below) should be careful; gifted class is A LOT of work. And if their child cannot keep up with the pace, parents will end up doing homework and a child will develop low self-esteem. Waiting till the third grade to start gifted program is a terrible idea. What will end up happening is that children who read chapter books will be forced to read picture books, children who know 4 digit subtractions with borrowing will be adding 1-2 digit numbers. Yes, proportion of gifted children will be high Weston, as residents do not make a perfect sample of population. Many of them are immigrants who came to this country as highly skilled professionals (doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, etc.).
Nobody make you aware in time that from Kindergarden 'pushy-parents' are active in integrating their kids in a 'gifting class'. I mean really? Separating the kids in such a manor at a such an early phase/stage of life? I am reading that giftedness it's so hard to measure and hard to define, only 3% of us born 'gifted' and I am still trying to figure out how come from each class 3 kids 'qualified' as gifted. Why not just 1 or none from a class. In Everglades 'gifted' is a measurable thing in kindergarden and what's really interesting is that the whole giftedness issue is a very much American obsession, rest of world the education is based on an ideal of equality-you are trying to get everyone to a similar kind of level, and it's discouraged to identify children as more able than others. It's like we would ask to separate slower kids/ down syndrome from the rest. It's sad to see that there are people who 'cheat the system', so to speak, and create 'fake' gifted children. Teachers should be aware by the fact that some kids at this early stages are from families that just started here, kids that are not at the same english level, but in fact are really smart. And please do not build a system that constantly privileges people who are already privileged. 'Pushy parents' at an early stage are trying to get their kid above other people and will monopolise the free time of the child and can afford to give their children that others can't, like extra-curricular activities, or private tutoring. It's a shame to see how in kindergarden-1st grade (for god sake the kids are 5-6 years old) the gifted industry of elitism and privileged parents is forming instead of having teacher working on raising the bar for all students. Again experts believe it's a 2-3% of gifted but now schools have this at 15-20% in 1st grade! Stop labeling 'gifted' before 3rd. People need to realize that some families just moved here recently, some kids in kindergarden have the language barier, some low-income kids are comming in with a disadvantage... and YOU HAVE the obligation to help them cath up, do not separate them so early. A teacher may not consider a child who constantly acts out or one who does not speak fluent English gifted, regardless of how smart he is!
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