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Zephyrhills High School

Zephyrhills, FL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1420


Zephyrhills High School
6335 12th Street
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
(813) 794-6100
Zephyrhills High School is located in Zephyrhills, FL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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We are considering pulling our student in favor of state virtual school.
I used to attend ZHS . Then they were under staffed and now I could only assume after 3 years their staffing issue has gotten worse. If you want your child to be subjected to prejudice, Bullying, and something not even close to a proper education. Please enroll them in Zephyrhills Highs chool. This school has been under fire for the last few years once or twice a year they are on the news for their terrible teaching methods or unjust inhumane rules. Like the New one they just passed stating that all students must wait for an unstated amount of time for an administrator to walk them to the restroom wait for them in there and walk them back not only is that cruel is unhealthy for both males and females holding your urine is very unhealthy can cause bladder problems and infections. Apparently this new principle has no respect or could care less about his students. As he has no good reason for such harsh punishments. Just because you have a low GPA Doesn't make a you bad person. Apparently anyone with a low GPA is a scumbag, ZHS is a joke. Please For the sake of your mentality and the sake of your child's future and educations please to do not choose ZHS.
I'm a senior this year and based on my experience I MOSTLY look at this as a mediocre school. However, there are also both good and bad things about it PROS: Art classes are wonderful!! I had 2D art in 9th grade and it taught me a lot!! I had 3D art in 11th grade and take ceramics this year (both being in the same class room). 3D art & ceramics is by far the best class I've taken regardless of what some others think of it. I also like my 9th and 10th grade memories. Gym class in 9th grade left me with both bad and good moments, creating memories. Also in 10th grade I had memories but during the time I didn't even realize it!! It was mostly my biology and cooking class, one of the spirit week days and the bus ride after school leaving me nice 10th grade memories. I don't take JROTC here but heard it's great. CONS: I pretty sure other high schools are bigger and have a lot more. I also didn't participate in anything big (such as cheerleading and sports) that would leave better memories or make this school actually feel enjoyable. The students always talk when the teachers are trying to talk. Regardless of both the pros and cons, being at the school itself just feels average.
This school is awesome. Its staff & teachers really care about our education and they are really nice.
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