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Lake Forest Elementary School

Atlanta, GA
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 932


Lake Forest Elementary School
5920 Sandy Springs Circlene
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 256-8740
Lake Forest Elementary School is located in Atlanta, GA and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Black, non-Hispanic
White, non-Hispanic

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Several of the comments below are appalling, discriminatory, and boorish. Anyone who lacks the possession of racial or cultural biases understands the comments on this page are unfounded and do nothing to support the claim that this school is subpar. Having a majority of Hispanic students should not deter parents from placing their children in this school. The numerous programs and resources this school implements to support student learning is phenomenal. I cannot believe America is still having cultural and racial issues in 2015. It is very disconcerting that there are ignorant individuals out there who are undermining the teaching and learning that are taking place at this school. The faculty, staff, and students work hard and deserve better than the comments on this thread.
The biggest problem I have with Lake Forest, it is prodominanly Hispanic, Atlanta, ga has become a very diversified state. I want my child to know what diversity is. Also it's a little up setting to know the luxury homes directly across the way are not zoned to Lake Forest. The reasons I have kept my child in this school because all his teachers for the past 4 years has been great they seem to really care, the priniciple and staff are wonderful and are very dedicated. The school works hard to keep different programs and activities for the students. However, this is my sons last year and he really wants to finish this year out at Lake Forest.
Yes this school is predominantly hipanic but that is not the schools fault, that is politics. I have never had trouble talking with ANY of the staff because they ALL speak English. The progress this school has made over the last few years is incredible. Teachers are great. They are caring and will go above and beyond for the children. They have so many opportunities, activities, workshops, meetings, and a goals for each year. This year we had an outdoor movie night, carnival, math night, family reading night, career day, and I could go on. I have never seen such a dedicated principal and staff. If people would get over themselves and put their children ahead of their own ignorance, they would see this school is miles ahead of other schools like Ison and Heards Ferry.
I am a parent of 3 kids in Lake Forest and my kids been there for 3 years except for the little one. This is a great school with very good teachers. I want to recognize Mr. Grossman, Mr. James and Ms. Pope as the best teachers I ever seen and thank them for their dedication. The new principle is fantastic and is involved all the time, the staff is extra friendly. My kids loved Lake Forest although we are a minority. The only thing is that many teachers do not give much homework; rather they let students do most of the work at school. The activities, events, and field trips are great and improved a lot. If you do not mind the Hispanic majority in this school, go for it.
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