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Westlake High School

Atlanta, GA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2164


Westlake High School
2400 Union Road Southwest
Atlanta, GA 30331
(470) 254-6400
Westlake High School is located in Atlanta, GA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Compared to most schools in the Fulton County School District or surrounding Atlanta area, Westlake is special in terms of what they have to offer, especially the Magnet Program, community involvement, and their annual Science Festival.
Westlake has really hit an all time low. The teachers here don't effectively communicate with the parents. If you reach out to them you jeopardize putting your child at risk of catching he**. There are 2 teachers there that I know for a fact don't teach and one is a Spanish teacher and the other is a financial Lit teacher. I've had 2 kids to take both of them at different times the Spanish teacher grades off of emotions and the Lit teacher ummmm I don't really know how she grades. She's never at the school she gives assignment that she never grades, misplaces, or just forget about. I guess I should give her credit and say well she does give them the entire year to submit late/ missing assignments. Not on my watch. You don't get credit for not having a passion for what you signed up to do. To give a lil insight on bullying oh yeah it's at an all time high here and administration doesn't help it by talking about it to inside/outside people. You all should be careful due to the fact you never know who knows who. With all that being said if you can refrain from sending your babies/ young adult here please do. #disappointedparent
Great! Again parents will get what they give. Please support the school by taking 1 day out of your schedule to visit, observe, help. Great schools are great because of Great families. You have to invest in your child's school...What's the payoff.....Happy kids excited to go their school. Parents proud to say where their child goes to this school, and higher property values!!!!
I am very proud of the students and staff at Westlake High School. This year, the school broke the Fulton County record, earning the highest dollar amount in scholarships (over $28 million) than any other school in the county's history. I think Principal Alexandra Bates is a true asset to the school. She is a passionate champion of the students, celebrates their accomplishments and does a fantastic job of helping to tell students' stories. These students are great in the classroom and also contributors in the community.
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