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Martin Luther King- Jr. Elementary School

College Park, GA
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 1311


Martin Luther King- Jr. Elementary School
5745 West Lees Mill Rd
College Park, GA 30349
(770) 991-4651
Martin Luther King- Jr. Elementary School is located in College Park, GA and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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Black, non-Hispanic
White, non-Hispanic

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Registering my children here definitely doesn't sit well with me. The staff here are dry and rude, they act as if someone owes them something Especially the older man in the office.
I've been with ML King for two years. My overall score for this school is a 2. I have invested months in the classroom and volunteered for school activities b/c I wanted to know what goes on at this school and in my son's classroom. Sadly to say, majority of the students were on some kind of prescribed medication or they were dealing with a mental condition. I felt so sorry for the teacher and the remaining students. The teacher would have to stop every few min to say stop this or stop that. I have heard faculty and administration gossiping in front of the children. Where is the respect and the exemplified sophistification for the children? The teachers will call you for the most tidious things your child does. Come on THEY ARE CHILDREN!! We teach our child to raise his hand if another student is bothering him. Well, it turns out the teacher will ignore him and when things escalate our son is the one sent to the principal's office for defending him/herself. As far as PTA, what about a PTA internet site or weekend meetings. Maybe the PTA President could be consistent in sending out a PTA newsletter. Do your research before bringing your child to ML KING. Sincerely, moved forward:)
I am a student. This school is alright and has many fun events. There is too much playing though. They should prohibit dating and things like that. The teachers are gedo, and the teachers are lazy. The teachers won't do anything, and will not even try to help. They say the kids are being bad, but the teachers are really the ones being bad! Kids will had a bad influence, so I suggest this quick advice. DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL. I will give 1 star for having fun events, then another for having SOME good teachers.
Summed up simply: TERRIBLE! I can't get anything sent home. No class work, hardly ever homework and can't even get a copy of the tests that he takes because they are all online. I have contacted the teachers, the principal and the school board, still nothing. It is sad that this school isn't able to equip the students with what they need to learn the concepts. It is even more frustrating that parents can't get a copy of tests or class work to help the children at home.
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