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Mcnair Middle School

College Park, GA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1023


Mcnair Middle School
2800 Burdett Rd
College Park, GA 30349
(770) 991-4160
Mcnair Middle School is located in College Park, GA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Black, non-Hispanic

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I had doubts about sending my daughter to McNair, but this first semester was an excellent one for her the teachers made it a smooth transition from elementary to middle school for her. The teachers are the best. On one occasion I went to pick my child up early and was invited by her math teacher to sit in the class and observe and I was pleasantly surprised how attentive and respectful the students were. My daughter has maintained AB honors and is actively involved in school activities. The new school is also a plus provides a great learning environment for the students.
I would like to thank the leadership and instructional team at Ronald E. McNair; College Park, for being the "change they wish to see in their community and the future. Their commitment, dedication, and passion for impacting lives, gives our children hope, and opens doors of opportunity that likely would not exist without your persistence and influence. I'm so blessed to work with so many beautiful souls. Our children need you, and you continue to give of yourselves and time so unselfishly so that their futures will be brighter! Thank you!!! Onward and upward change agents!
My family and I recently moved here from another state. My first impression of McNair was that school off of the movie "LEAN ON ME." I agree. with the other parent. The kids do run the school. We couldn't get our kids enrolled without students constantly coming in the counselors office without passes/permission from their teacher. My kids come home telling me about different incidents with the teachers and the students and it's never good. I do know that WE as parents have to get involved, but the school administrators need to INFORCE the rules of the school as well. I think nowadays the teachers are afraid of the students. Where I come from the teachers were caring but tough. All of this is new to my kids (school with no structure) but since I'm not familiar with this state/area I didn't know any better. Hopefully next school term we will find a better school.
I love the fact that they've inforce the uniform, because the way some of those children dressed was rediculous. I wish they did something about the hair colors too. I hope that the new principal will do better than the last. Not that I thought negative of the last principal, but someone did, why else did they change. They also need to do better with after school activities and getting our children home afterwards. I only pray that this year will be much better tahn last. There is much room for improvements.
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