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Lakeside High School

Evans, GA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1818


Lakeside High School
533 Blue Ridge Drive
Evans, GA 30809
(706) 863-0027
Lakeside High School is located in Evans, GA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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My experience at Lakeside has been pretty decent. It's just your average suburban high school. It's better than the other schools in the county. The band program is amazing and the biggest organization at the school. Most teachers care about how well you are doing, and always make sure you are not falling behind. The entire math department does a thing where if you do better on the test over a subject over the quiz, your quiz grade gets replaced with your test grade, and for the nine weeks test, your grade on that can bring up your bad test grades. The only thing bad about Lakeside is their scheduling, every student, has at least one thing wrong with their schedule on the first day, lasting into the second week. Also, the hallways are incredibly overcrowded and the car rider line is a disaster if you get there after the buses, so get there at about 7 in the morning every day. You need to have your ID every day and you have to wear it at all times. If you don't have it on when you walk in the school they will stop you and make you put it on, or if you don't have it you have to go to a separate entrance to get a sticker for the day, sometimes the second entrance isn't opened yet, or is incredibly backed up, so if its winter or raining you have to wait in the cold, or rain until you can get a temporary ID. All in all, it's fun if you make it fun.
I hate it as a parent and my child barely likes it. We know several unhappy families but are zoned for this school. I don't know how this school has the rating they do because they are way off scale of it and I must wonder who really gave surveys to get them this rating but also see no survey done w in a couple years so here is a recent one.....as a parent i say RUN!
Excellent. I learned a lot from peers and staff.
Hello to all. I am a rising senior at Lakeside High and for the most part I would say my experiences haven't been as horrendous as others. BUT that shouldn't suggest Lakeside is perfect because it is far from it. First, it is incredibly crowded. Often times I feel bull dozing through is the best way to get to class on time. I was thinking maybe expanding would lessen the traffic in between classes but my fellow students would probably still find a way to clog the hallways or any walkway. Second, the administration isn't quite there. The females in particular seem to be more concerned about the dress code than anything else. I guess even that isn't enough because I still see attire that is inappropriate for school. If it is that big of a deal just give us uniforms.Third, priorities are out of whack. I'm pretty sure I would get written up for wearing a dress that shows my back over talking back to a teacher. They're almost as linient as the Middle School when it comes to certain issues but not to the same ludicrous degree. The school isn't bad it just needs work. I know there are far worse schools out there. And honestly I really hate to be the one to tell them how to do their jobs BUT could you all, please, do a far better job. That would be very much appreciated.Sincerely, A rising senior
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