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Dutchtown Middle School

Hampton, GA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1161


Dutchtown Middle School
155 Mitchell Road
Hampton, GA 30228
(770) 515-7500
Dutchtown Middle School is located in Hampton, GA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Horrible so far. It's way to difficult to get a teacher/ parent conference. Kids are being taught by a laptop but most of the teachers do not know how to use the applications they expect the kids and parents to navigate themselves. Asst. Principal of 6th grade doesn't seem to know all the new standards and rules, does not hold staff accountable, and does not follow through on his promises until everything blows up and he doesn't have a choice but follow through. The Principal is very level minded but she is surrounded by a lot of inadequate staff that will eventually bring her down. I had high hopes for Dutchtown but It is no longer the school everyone used to rave about. Don't move here to put your kids in school like I did. You will be highly disappointed. The 6th grade classrooms are overcrowded and good luck getting the staff to respond to your concerns and/ or questions.
Awful. Students are being taught by a laptop.
First let me say I grew up in Henry County and have lived here most of my life. We moved to this school district almost 10 years ago because they were fantastic. We have watched every school in this district go straight down hill in the past 7 years. This school, specifically. The communication between parent and ANYONE at this school is non-exsistant. My son has a 504 and I wanted to meet with teachers at the beginning of the year just to let them know I would be very accessible to help them in any way possible. I should have known from the way that meeting went that it would be a nightmare. The teachers barely looked up from their laptops and were even typing WHILE they were speaking to me. There was ZERO eye contact of any kind during the entire meeting. Once the year started, things really went down hill. I would email teachers only to have to call the school a week later after I got no response. Then I would have to go to the school after those phone calls were not returned. I met with the administration who promised things would change and I would be receiving responses from then on. That never happened. And then the bullying from the teachers started. We ended the school year with my son seeing a psychologist to make sure he wouldn’t harm himself because of the teacher’s actions, even to the point that she told him “who do you think they’re going to believe”!!! I pulled ALL of my children from this school system and am now homeschooling. It makes me really sad that my children don’t get a normal school experience but I’m certainly not risking their education by sending them here!
I really had my doubts about this school at the beginning. Now, I can say it's a good school. At the beginning there were some fights and I was worried about my son. I guess some kids didn't get along with other kids. But I have to say that the was controlled. Principal got all 6th graders together and explained them the consequences of their actions. After that, my son tells me that things changed at the school, and so far no more fights or arguments. I have sent emails to his counselor and his teachers for any questions I had and they responded on the same day and cleared my concerns. My son is attending 6th grade, on advanced classes, and so far he hasn't have any problems neither with his teachers nor his classmates. He in AP and has lots of homework and some projects to do.
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