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Roberta T. Smith Elementary School

Rex, GA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 990


Roberta T. Smith Elementary School
6340 Georgia 42
Rex, GA 30273
(770) 960-5750
Roberta T. Smith Elementary School is located in Rex, GA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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FIVE STARS... I have three children that have and/or is attending Roberta T Smith Elementary School (RTSE). One child is in the 6th grade/promoted to the 7th grade. The second child will be attending the 6th grade this upcoming 2020/2021 school year. The third child will be in the 4th grade this upcoming 2020/2021 school year at RTSE. All of my children have attended RTSE since the kindergarten. All of my children have done well. The leadership has always had high expectations of the teachers, students, parents and community partners. I know by what I have been involved in, seen with my own eyes and experienced that I could not have enrolled my three children to a better school. My two older children are attending Elite Scholars Academy and my last child participates in the GIFTED Program at RTSE. Now, they are special but no special than any other children. However, because they attended RTSE they have received a great start to their education.
I have a special needs son that attends Smith Elementary School, and he has been to the school for two years. These two years have A Nightmare on Elm Street. For example, I was married, but my husband pass in 2014. I still use my maiden name - my married name. When my child Case Worker come to visit my child the teacher make fun of me using my married name. Thats because she don't have enough to do. Guess what parents we have the very last said so, Please believe that.. We are tax payers, and we must exercise our rights as parents. Don't ever stop until you get the right person. Stay encouraged!
This school is constantly saying that they are working towards being a "school of excellence" but they are SOOO far away! I have three children enrolled currently and that have been there for 3 years unfortunately. This school is excellent at procrastination, not taking parent concerns seriously and not caring for the children in their care properly. They also soar to new heights when it comes to failing children who really need that extra help or who have IEPs. No one really cares about education here, they only care about their image.
This schools needs improvement. The school is very disorganized, especially in the administrator office. Many times, the people in the office have no idea what is going on, when it comes to certain situations. They start off trying to implement rules, and quickly that's thrown out the window. For example, there was a time where you had to show I.D., when picking up your child. They don't even check anymore. They had stress all this stuff about kids eating healthy, and healthy snacks. They even went as far as having every Wednesday, which they claim was inspire by Michelle Obama,....that went out the window. They sell pure candy and junk at their dances, and special events, but you want kids to be healthy? ....confused. Parents concerns are irrelevant. They are right and you are wrong. This school is all about numbers.
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