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Austin Road Elementary School

Stockbridge, GA
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 355


Austin Road Elementary School
50 Austin Road
Stockbridge, GA 30281
(770) 389-6556
Austin Road Elementary School is located in Stockbridge, GA and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I feel like the principal is doing his best to make the school better but the person who recently said this school is great is definitely living in a bubble. Many of the teachers who have young children, their children do not attend this school. If this were such a great school, why are their children attending other schools? Also, many of the staff are leaving so, again, if it were a great school, why would they leave? Also, one cannot assume that because a person gives a negative review about the teachers, it automatically means the parents are not doing their best, like volunteering or donating monies, that is very ignorant. The school is not the best school in the area, and like the July 18 reviewer, I am also looking to move to another area once possible. I have spoken to several parents who want to move, or have already moved; the other reviewer can stay and continue to live our their fantasies. This school is not considered to be one of the best.
I was very disappointed in the teacher/parent communication as well as the teacher/student communication. My child has always been on the A's honor roll but that was jeopardized 5th grade year due to a disconnect from the teachers. All work is done via worksheet and online. I feel they've quit teaching and send the children home at the end of the day to learn on the computer. There were some bullying issues as I'm sure with any school but the staff didn't do much about it. We moved just in time.
I love Austin Road Elementary. The Faculty and Staff are FANTASTIC! I disagree with the last review (May 21, 2013) They have awesome teachers in all levels. The teachers are working together in grade levels, to work with ALL students. The Principal not only works with the students, but he (Mr. Blevin) works with the staff and parents as well. Parents need to become more involved with their children. The teacher can teach your child, but YOU as parents MUST reinforce the materials with your child, to give them a better understanding. Weekends are no longer free. EDUCATE your seed and watch it grow. Don't leave all of your children responsibilities on the teachers. PUT YOUR TIME IN NOW! Pound the pavement and walk with your children as they move up in school. YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN TIME. I am a teacher and I know what it takes to do the work. Stop complaining and donate to the school, so that they can distribute more technology to the teachers as well as the students. THANKS AUSTIN ROAD, you are the BEST!!!
These reviews on this site are old. This school is OK, my children are now in 1st and 2nd grades but it really depends on which teacher you get. Some of the teachers there who are older and have been in the system are more like robots and really need to move on, while others are fresh and really care about your child's education and well being. I am currently looking to move from our home to benefit our child in a better way because it seems like the higher our children go in relation to grade level, the worse it seems to get. Get ride of those teachers who have tenure, those are the ones who really just skate by and do as they please, and really are not interested in your child.
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