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E.T. Booth Middle School

Woodstock, GA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1793


E.T. Booth Middle School
6550 Putnam Ford Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
(770) 721-5500
E.T. Booth Middle School is located in Woodstock, GA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Teachers at this school just do not care. They give students a PowerPoint to copy notes off of. The teachers do not review anything with the students and hand them a test, expecting them to know it. They enjoy handing out Referrals like it is candy. This is just unacceptable. I switched to Woodstock Middle/High School, and haven't worried since. ET Booth also added two extra curricular classes which just waste time and are pointless. These classes also require TONS of work for a extra class. Next problem, Bullying. Teachers and Counselors are not willing to prevent bullying. My son was bullied all throughout 6th and 7th grade. He told his teachers, counselors, principals, and peers. No one bothered to do anything until I visited the principal. I had a meeting with him and well, still nothing. This is where I snapped and pulled him out of that school. This school also gives no independence to the students. Everywhere in the school there is a teacher. During their "Falcon Focus" or advisement there is a assistant principal outside the bathroom. During lunch, all teachers are in the cafeteria watching the students. Another Problem is the use of drugs by students. On multiple occasions teachers have found students with drugs and only referred the students to the office. The office doesn't care either, so the student with illegal drugs only gets ISS or OSS.
I'm hearing constant complaints from my two kids who attend this school that classroom behavior is out of control. There appears to be a lack of leadership in that the principal seldom shows herself and the kids realize there are no consequences. My son came home with bruises today after being hit and kicked by another student today. I am finding myself having to reteach my kids the concepts they were supposed to 'learn' that day by sitting there filling out worksheets. There are a few teachers who seem to care about making sure the students do well and are happy, but my experience has been that they are outnumbered by those who don't.
My son used the special education department. Without his 8th grade language arts teacher / reading teacher- he would've been lost in HS. Mrs. O rocks!! ( difficulty reading due to light autism) . I found all of the 8th grade teachers important, professional and relevant. Some small exceptions in one elective ( computers.).
Bullying is out of control at this school. The administration has no idea what's going on and the counselor is inept. Children are harming themselves with the "eraser challenge" in class. Let me repeat, IN CLASS. The counselors and administration do not respond to parent concerns. WHO IS WATCHING OUR CHILDREN WHEN WE SEND THEM OFF TO SCHOOL?????
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