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Ebinger Elementary School

Chicago, IL
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 831


Ebinger Elementary School
7350 West Pratt Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631
(773) 534-1070
Ebinger Elementary School is located in Chicago, IL and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Having attended this school, I can easily state that students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds are treated unfairly. As a student coming from a low-income household, I recognized that my grades, achievements, and overall academic experience was not recognized or prioritized. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the field trips, such a trip to NYC or DC are catered to the wealthier students, leaving those whose families cannot afford such expensive "field trips" behind and excluding them from an experience that is supposedly meant to celebrate the 8th grade graduating class. If you are not the child of a neighborhood politician, a highly active PTA member, or a donor, you are forgotten about and not considered an asset to the school. Most of the teachers I had were truly wonderful and memorable. Others, such as my homeroom teacher who had known me for years, did not even know my last time by 8th grade graduation (perhaps because it was not engraved in the school walls or listed as a significant donor). This is a Chicago Public School though, truthfully, I was surprised at how much it resembled an exclusive private school. Perhaps the lack of diversity in both the school and neighborhood lead faculty to forget that students of various backgrounds exist and are entitled to equal treatment in a public school. My years at this school are behind me and, while I did take away several valuable lessons and memories, the greatest lesson was that I would have to rely on myself and my mentors later in life to realize my academic and self-worth, as it never came to surface during my years at Ebinger.
I just wanted to speak on a response to the parent who stated "If you put 10 people in the room, everyone will have their opinion...either the student matches up or they don't." There seems to be a common issue with this school based on all the reviews I've read. Yes the teachers are great. Yes the school has more to offer students than other CPS schools. However if there is one student that doesn't feel like they are being treated the same way, based on the fact they are not rich or white that is one too many! That's not a problem of the kid, thats a problem of the school, and that statement that was made is unfortunately another way to ignore the problem.
The education is good, and probably along the top for chicago elementary schools, however maybe it's more of a community problem that not all children are treated fairly and feel included. Not all privileges are alotted fairly. There is no diversity among staff or students.
Average city school. And it is FILTHY! For all the money they raised to pay for furnishing the annex and all the extra staff to try and cover the 37+ kids in K and 1st grade classes, they could at least do a better job keeping the place clean. Also, the annex they are building will do NOTHING to ease the large class sizes as there are NO NEW CLASSES being added. It's unfortunate and concerning especially with all the new families moving into the neighborhood.
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