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Garcia Lorca Elementary School

Chicago, IL
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  • Grades PK-8
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  • Enrollment: 828


Garcia Lorca Elementary School
3231 North Springfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 534-0950
Garcia Lorca Elementary School is located in Chicago, IL and serves grades PK-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Native American
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Excellent my child loves this school, great caring, patient, and excited teachers. They have great after school programs. I’m grateful this school and the staff has made my child love coming to school everyday, I will have to suggest one thing, security needs to be more strict on who enters the school they monitor who’s buzzing the doorbell but they never ask why or for what matter before opening the door. I do wish they had more security and better trained security. Specially when school is starting and during dismissal. Please take this comment into consideration.
The staff members are all so nice. They have a Spanish program, for those who come from a different country. They have a disability class for students with learning disabilities. over the years, NWEA scores have always gone up. This year less people were graduating into ok high schools, and this year so many kids went over to really great schools. Teachers may be tough at times but it really helps the students who are learning there. There are so many students who are being pushed really greatly. There are many teachers who expect a lot from these students. There after school programs change each year, and each year there are different sports to try out. Some kids get into fights, but normally those are the kids who get a lot of help with there behavior. Language on the other hand, a lot of kids swear and talk really badly, but then the majority of schools students do swear. If another kids starts to bully another student, then thats were one of the staff members come in. Normally they have a serious talk with Mr.Elliot, if the bulling continues then the principle come in, if they just won't stop then thats when suspension comes in. But if you really think about it, you can't walk your child into a school thinking that nothing bad is going to happen, there always will be swearing, fighting, and occasional bulling, there will be bumps and bruises, but thats how the majority of schools are, especially here in the city. I would know all of this because I am a student here at lorca. I am going into 7th grade this year and I have been at lorca for 6 whole years. Although there may be some bad things to it, it really is a great school!
I live across the street from this school. I've been told that my child can not attend this school because we aren't in the zone for it. We are across the street from them!!! How is this possible? At the same time I'm grateful for it. The majority of these students are rude and ill-mannered. They have been known to get into fights with the neighboring school, Reilly. I seriously wonder about their bullying policies. I have witnessed mean behaviour from their students at the park across the street from the school. Older kids will go over there to play and occupying majority of the play equipment, pushing smaller children including mine as if the smaller kids weren't there. Many times my daughter comes home from the park in tears from these kids. They never seem remorseful for hurting/pushing the smaller kids and snap back at adults. They are so disrespectful of elders. Really makes me wonder how they treat their teachers and the staff at this school.
There's lot of bullying in this community some stuff like hate full cultural comments. or racist comments. or even laughing wen getting hurt but overall its a good school with high expectations and good NWEA scores .
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