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Lincoln Park High School

Chicago, IL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2113


Lincoln Park High School
2001 North Orchard Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 534-8130
Lincoln Park High School is located in Chicago, IL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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The school has a fantastic program for students who want to be part of the school activities especially if your child is musically inclined (like choir, band, orchestra) and already has outstanding academics. We have a child that current attends Lincoln Park and enjoys the school so far. The teachers that she has are well prepared and have a well throughout timeline of the work that needs to be completed for each month.I would attend this school if your child wants to be academically challenged as long as they are doing great already. You child may have a difficult time if they come to this school as an academically poor student. As for the school itself, the teachers are prepared to assist your child although your child has to put in day to day efforts to complete the homework carefully. The student needs to take advantage to contacting and scheduling with the teachers for school tutoring. You can also send email to teachers promptly if your child need assistance; many student wait too late. For some classes, the teacher communicate directly through a broadcast email to the student on the homework that needs to be completely and there are online tools that the student uses to complete some of the homework as well. I would believe as with any school that ones needs to get access to the school resources and be involved with the school activities during and after the school hours. You get what you put into your life. Nothing comes to you automatically.I would highly stress to find out how your child plans to get to the school using buses and trains before even looking at this school. The travel distance going to and from the school is very important to the success of the student. A 1.5 to 2 hours bus/train travel to the school is very far. Use google maps with local bus/train transportation turned on or use a CTA phone app to figure out what transportation you will take to get to the school. This may seems minor after all of the research your have done academically, but I have seen people transfer out of the because of the distance. I hope this give you some other insights into your school search in finding the best school for your child.
We have had a great experience at Lincoln Park. Our son is a sophomore in the IB program. The teachers are passionate about teaching and get to know their students. The curriculum is tremendous - integrated and comprehensive. The IB program is like a small school within a larger school, with all the IB kids taking their core academic classes together. Because the school as a whole has about 2000 students, there are a lot of extracurricular options. The IB program is a lot of work and it is challenging, but the kids get a lot out of it and are extremely well prepared for college. There are some negatives about Lincoln Park. The building is old and there is drug use by some students. But our son has been happy with his classes and extracurriculars and has been able to avoid the other negatives without any problem. I have a nephew at Lane Tech and we have friends' kids at other selective enrollment schools. While those are all great schools, the Lincoln Park IB program is unique because of its curriculum and its smaller size within the larger school. My wife and I are glad that our son chose Lincoln Park IB instead of his selective enrollment option.
My experience at this school was amazing.
I had a great time at this school.
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