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Schubert Elementary School

Chicago, IL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 755


Schubert Elementary School
2727 North Long Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639
(773) 534-3080
Schubert Elementary School is located in Chicago, IL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Native American
Two or more races

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This is the worst school you could send your child to. There is no communication between the administration to the staff & parents. When my son started kindergarten his teacher was pregnant and taking maternity leave 2 weeks into the new school year. She never came back, the teacher that was her replacement was fired 7 weeks before school ended. They failed to let the parents know. I only found out because I noticed my sons teacher was absent for 2 weeks & I asked questions. They didn’t give a notice to the parents until 2 weeks after the teacher was fired. When my son was in pre-k4, there was a child with lice... 2 years later said child still has lice & the principal didn’t want to help the child because “I can’t force a parent to treat their child for lice” poor child! During recess my son was punched in the mouth by another child. No one could tell me how my son got a bloody lip! I literally went to the school twice a day and demanding answers. After sitting with the assistant principal who is also disciplinarian, she basically told my how my child misbehaves, yet the entire school year never once was I notified about my sons “bad behavior” *incert eye roll* In my daughters pre-K 4 class (all day) there was a child who would hit & bite. The principal didn’t want to remove this child from the classroom. The kid was a danger to the rest of the class, he slapped my niece & daughter because she said a strawberry was a vegetable and not a fruit! It wasn’t until my sister & I went to the principal demanding for something to be done was the principal compliant. The pre k teacher had been pushing for months to get help for this child. Unfortunately it had to take an incident involving my family to get the child help. I just hope the the new administration can turn this school around.
I have my 3 kids in Franz Schubert. I love the teachers so does my kids. My oldest is been there since kindergarden and every teacher that's she is been she loves. So is my middle child his 1 st. grade teacher that now is my youngest child teacher is great to them. He cares and teaches them reallly well. All the staff here is great. I'm very happy!!!