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Smyth J Elementary School

Chicago, IL
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  • Grades PK-8
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  • Enrollment: 463


Smyth J Elementary School
1059 West 13th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 534-7180
Smyth J Elementary School is located in Chicago, IL and serves grades PK-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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I think this is a great school that really cares about the kids education.
My child attended Smyth in 2013 and that was the ONLY year. I could no longer subject my child to the bullying and constant fights and threats from the other students. He was attacked by a classmate while walking to the park district, which is on the next block. There was. I security, staff, or teachers present. The staff from the park district had to rescue my son from the violent student who was bashing his head against the concrete. I informed the police department who referred me to the school. Instead of the principal showing compassion for the situation, blamed my child! Even when I had an "investigator" from the school board come to the school, the principal downplayed the situation and nothing was done. Even when the principal admitted the other boy had been in altercations prior to attacking my son nothing was done to protect my child. Sadly, the rest of the year went poorly. My child was attacked and bullied the remainder of the year and ran home from school every day. As a parent I felt helpless. The principal's connections with the police department, school board, and community leaders made it impossible to get assistance. Looking at the recent posts, it seems not much has changed. This principal is concerned with image and until more parents speak up he will continue to keep up appearances. If you care about your child and have other options, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SMYTH!
My son attends 7th grade there well he was because as of today he will no longer go back he has been the victim of bullying and nothing has been doNE he has been jumped in twice by 3 students in which 2 of them helped jump him the 1st time nothing has been done I'm filing a police report and with dcfs for neglect IL also be going to cps downtown to file a complaint as well as seeking a attorney
I am an award-winning veteran teacher and due to CPS budget cutting I unfortunately ended up teaching at Smyth. Coaching and mentoring new teachers, I've visited many schools and I would rank this school as toxic. Most of the initiatives are a charade and the principal is overbearing, pompous and predatory. For this reason, he loses (or fires) excellent teachers whose pleas are ignored and the safety of students and staff jeopardized. The year I taught there, almost half of the middle-school faculty left in the middle of the year and substitutes avoid Smyth because of its poor reputation. This school is a perfect example of why our schools are failing.
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