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Clarendon Hills Middle School

Clarendon Hills, IL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 614


Clarendon Hills Middle School
301 Chicago Avenue
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
(630) 861-4800
Clarendon Hills Middle School is located in Clarendon Hills, IL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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CHMS is one of the best Middle schools in the State; and that is why we relocated to d181.There are placement programs to allow accelerated students access to advance beyond the norm.It appears there was a single disgruntled parent from 2014 submitting multiple negative reviews.
The teachers are the best-- they help the students soar! Quoting from the school song, "With our goals in sight we will persevere with the help of teachers who are near!" The staff is a very caring, loving, and beneficial group of people. The curriculum is taylored to every students' strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time, it is very challenging. This school helps us prepare the excellent students for Hinsdale Central, which is one of the best highschools in the state. Despite its small student body, students are able to connect with one another along with the teachers and staff. I am a student at this school and I have loved every minute of it-- every twist and turn, every opportunity-- every moment I spent in this school has been magical. There are so many extra curricular activities for all students' interests--something for everyone to enjoy. I have loved this school and reccomend it to everyone :) GO EAGLES!!!
Upon registering my child in this school I was required to prove residency and provide a copy of my Sole Custody agreement including the financial settlement. I just learned that this school shared the details of my confidential financial agreement with a third party without my consent. This was done so via email and I have obtained the proof and forwarded a complaint with proof to the district office. The district refuses to take any action against the employee who shared this information without my consent. I am now being denied access to a refund due to me by a third party because the staff member assumed that they had the right to interject and direct who my refund should go to despite a third party contract solely in my name. The district is now claiming that it has nothing to do with them AFTER they interjected with the third party and attempted to block me from receiving money due to me. The proof is in writing and I am addressing the school board as the district office is taking no action to rectify. This school and the district does not recognize that information you provide is confidential nor do they have boundaries in interjecting themselves into your personal affairs.
I recently removed my children out of CHMS because the treatment my child received by the staff. After a serious complaint to the district office about a staff member my child started experience unfair treatment by several other staff members. The final straw was when a teacher locked my child out of a classroom when he came back from using the washroom for no reason. The teacher opened the door after my child knocked and then pushed my child backwards by placing both her hands on my child's chest. Both the school and the district failed to take any action against the teacher even after other children acknowledge that the teacher had pushed my child. The following day after making a complaint to the district office about the teachers behavior my child was then further targeted by getting a full day in school suspension for kicking a ball after the teacher had asked my child to stop one time which he didn't hear. My child had not served so much as one detention prior to this unfair punishment. The punishment was not in line with the schools behavior policy nor was I allowed to challenge it. Some of the staff members involved have been suspended in the past and allowed to return.
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