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Hannah Beardsley Middle School

Crystal Lake, IL
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1028


Hannah Beardsley Middle School
515 East Crystal Lake Ave
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
(815) 788-5750
Hannah Beardsley Middle School is located in Crystal Lake, IL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Two or more races

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A horrible situation for children of faith. There confusing our children.
wish I was in a different school
Good teachers i’ll say but sadly no students listen, I remember they would always talk to me and I would obviously tell them to stop and the teacher would point fingers at me, I got annoyed quickly by that but it happened a year ago. Also the leadership in students are horrible only wanting to talk about snapchat, who their lover is and when to hang out, or how much money they have from wearing brand clothing, It gets annoying but I do wear clothing like that but I never brag and it makes others feel bad who don’t have a phone, or even friends. And bullying this happens when people are “exposing” others on snapchat and telling lies about them, also befriending, also using physical contact. I think it’s annoying and bad, They never tell adults because the word “snitch” has gone around and people don’t want to be called one. Also hearing students wanting to beat others or they will is absurd. Also with learning differences some teachers don’t even know how to approach it. to even when someone is depressed and doesn’t want to learn the teachers doesn’t want to leave them behind but also can’t treat them different like the others, almost the same goes for others as they might even have a harder time doing it. I’m also going to add something else. Staff in the office, I’ll tell you one of them is plain rude, mean, and doesn’t show any manners at all, and makes assumptions without hearing the students story, And I noticed the staff member was more nicer to other students that weren’t like me, I didn’t know if it was from my race but it was hard to tell if I was mexican until they heard me speak spanish, This one person has being just plain rude and honestly would be glad if that staff member was gone so other students don’t have to go through the same trouble as I did a year ago when I used to attend here. Also why are breaks getting smaller? It used to be 3-4 weeks longer. Now it’s just 2 weeks, I overheard my sister complain over how the breaks are getting shorter even christmas break. (except thanksgiving)
This school is just a great school to be going to. The teachers give each student the same amount of attention and respect. You will make your mistakes but the teachers will help you with your problems and treat you the same. This school has changed me to a better person and you meet so many new people. A lot of the friends I have today are my best friends I could ever have.
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