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Concord Elementary School

Darien, IL
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-4
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  • Enrollment: 462


Concord Elementary School
1019 Concord Place
Darien, IL 60561
(331) 481-4011
Concord Elementary School is located in Darien, IL and serves grades PK-4.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Reviews4 Reviews

this school is outstanding, the curriculum changes constantly coming down the pipeline rapidly really make an obvious difference, reflected in test scores. the downside might be that the cost of lunches and tuition is a bit higher than average, but the real estate value in the area already reflects that. i suppose its a matter of priorities, but i'm willing to spend a larger percentage of my overall income to have my children attend such an outstanding school. we came from cps (chicago public schools), which had a shorter commute to work, but the quality of the education is already showing, we've had our two children in this district for the last 3 years, and there's a massive improvement in their overall mentality, effort, and participation in learning, in and out of the classroom. i really wish someone would come from over here in darien and show the chicago public school system how its done!
These other reviews are old. Concord is a great school. When kids go from Concord to Cass onto high school, they're usually the academic leaders.
Before buying a home in the area, my number one criterea was the grade school that my children would be attending. I researched the area and picked Concord because it consistently demonstrates test scores that are very high. Now that my children are there, I couldn't be happier. Although people complain about taxes and fees at the school, they have the option to move and to go to a grade school that doesn't spend so much on each child and doesn't have the same opportunitites. You get what you pay for and I know many grade schools within 10 or 15 miles that will give you a much cheaper education and plus, the value of your home will correspond to the value of the school district so you can get a cheap home as well.
The cost is outrageous Reg. per child $195 and Busing per child $200 or your child takes the chance walking in streets to and from school. Last your 2009/2010 the school did not even offer parents reduced lunch. Best advice do your homework call around and check out prices and you will be suprised on the difference in cost. Wish I would have did that before moving. I an disappointed with the way parents are divided by economic statis and then it reflects on the childrens behavior. We need better communication with teachers/parents/principal/superintendent. Last this is the first school that I have seen that lets parents bring their dogs on the property while our children are being dropped off and picked up. I did try to bring this to attention not only can someone be allergic but you can't control a pets actions in crowds. No one willing to change. We need more parents to work together and make a difference ......