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Glenbard South High School

Glen Ellyn, IL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1158


Glenbard South High School
23W200 Butterfield Road
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-6500
Glenbard South High School is located in Glen Ellyn, IL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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South is overall a good school, but some small tweaks to bring back, what I feel, made it great.
I'm a graduate of the Class of '01, so my experience is a little dated. However, GBHS was an excellent school. I graduated with almost 60 college credits completed. My extracurricular activities were great and the teachers were devoted and approachable.
I have not had a very good experience at this school. A lot of the students at this school are very disrespectful. Also, there is a huge gap between honors and regular kids. The honors teachers at this school are okay but the teachers that teach regular classes are no that good. The Drivers Ed teachers and English teachers at this school are not good at all. There is also a lot of bullying that goes on at this school, especially in freshman year. I would also not recommend anyone to transfer to this high school in junior or senior year because you will have a very hard time making friends. Most of the people at this school are very unsocial. I feel like the student body is just horrible at the school. Also, I feel like the staff at GBS does not discipline trouble makers very. I have some classes with some troublemakers and they always disrupt the class and are disrespectful and the teachers do not do anything. The only good thing about this school is that most teachers let us use our phones in class. Thats about it. I would recommend Willowbrook over GBS and the homes near Willowbrok are cheaper.
Do not listen to parents describe what a school is like. They get the propoganda that is fed to them by the school. Take it from an actual student, this place is no where near as top notch as they like to think. Pathetic sports with overly demanding coaches, administration that cares about their bottom line more than the well being of the students, security guards picked straight out of the nursing home, food that prisoners at dupage county jail eat (literally, same company provides for both institutions) watered down academics because "every kid is an honors kid" and teachers that are overpayed in proportion to how much they actually do. Not to mention the pure wastefulness of the funds. There is a smart board in nearly every classroom, over $5000 a pop. And you know what the teachers do with them? Pull down the projector screens in front of them because they are so buggy and inefficient that it's better to just use handouts and projector screens. This is a miserable place to be and nobody should be fooled by the smoke and mirrors the administration puts up. I hated every second of my experience at glenbard south.
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