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Maine East High School

Park Ridge, IL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1917


Maine East High School
2601 Dempster St
Park Ridge, IL 60068
(847) 825-4484
Maine East High School is located in Park Ridge, IL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American or Native Alaskan
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

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The greatness of this school cannot be described in words! Maine East isn't just a "school", it is Home. It's where most students found and still find warmth and solace. Everything-- including students and staff--is phenomenal! The provided opportunities for students are amazing. Bottom line, It's difficult to find a school like Maine East!
This is an awesome school, with a lot of 2nd generation kids. Probably the best kept secret out there (and hopefully will stay that way). Top academic programs and AP opportunities without the clickiness and social pressures that other schools have. It is diverse and that makes it unique or some like to say it "real world." The kids are extremely involved and they go on to some great colleges!
Maine East is a school with a many divers cultures. All of the students are different and most of the time they form groups with people who are culturally similar. I went to this school for two years and I can't say I had lots of fun there. I'm Eastern European and it was hard for me to find the right group where I could fit in since there are not so many other Eastern Europeans there. I feel that if you are from Asia it is easier to find close friends who understand you fully then if you are like me European. Not a lot of people understood me and I didn't always feel comfortable there.
I'm a former student and also had siblings that attended M.E. All I can say is that this is a great school. AP programs are great and top notch. Theater program is great. The school even has a radio station. Facilities are great. The only thing not so great is the football and basketball team. The teachers are great and care about their students. You won't see the typical peer pressure that you see in other schools. M.E. has been malign by outsiders who know nothing about the school, claiming that there is a gang problem and drug problem. In reality, there isn't a gang problem, it's suburban gang wannabes that can be found in many suburban schools. The rumors of a drug problem is just that, rumors. The test scores are not high because there's a percentage of the student population that do not come from wealthy or middle class families that have parents that are not actively involve with their child's education but you can't blame M.E. for that. A lot of these students also work almost a full time job and that takes away from their studies. If you want a great education M.E. is the place. Don't listen to the stereotypes and rumors. Bottom line is, M.E. is a great school.
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