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Edison Middle School

Wheaton, IL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 620


Edison Middle School
1125 South Wheaton Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 682-2050
Edison Middle School is located in Wheaton, IL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Although Edison can help my child academically excel, the school is not the best as they do not handle bullying well. My child was bullied for being himself, and the students there did not respect him. He was bullied and got very uncomfortable just trying to change in the locker room. I would not recommend this school to anybody that isn't white and not heterosexual.
I am a 7th grade student currently at Edison Middle School, and this school is amazing. Although I am the "typical" middle school student that doesn't want to get up at 6 in the morning, I still really like school. I don't really see any cases of bullying, and I think that everyone is really inclusive. For example, in my grade there is a student who has physical disabilities. From the first day, she was already sitting at a lunch table (the people at the table let her sit there willingly), and she was making friends. Additionally, a student recently joined our school community, and he didn't speak any English, but the teachers helped him out and started teaching him English when they could. Furthermore, there are many students here (including me) who are proudly LGBTQ+, and they are supported by both the other students and teachers. Edison is very inclusive, and makes students feel comfortable. The teachers are also able to make the learning fun, and there are programs for students who need a little extra help. I am in the advanced Language Arts program, and it is very effective, and it is at the perfect pace for me. I, however, am not in the advanced Math or Science, so I can't say on that. It doesn't take much effort to maintain straight A's in all classes, and the music programs are amazing. Most sports options are fantastic too, but some are only available once you reach 7th grade. Gym is decent, but it gets a little repetitive. The electives are always really fun, and they have electives that teach us important things like public speaking and being able to tell what's fake online. Overall, I am really enjoying Edison, it's teachers, and it's classes.
Edison has a very supportive environment, and encourages all students to try new extra-curricular activities, to stretch themselves academically, and to give back to the community.
I've had so far two children who have gone through Edison and they loved school all they way through 8th grade! Sometimes that's so hard to keep a child liking school after 6th grade! But not at this school. Their staff is wonderful they have the best principal ever she is so caring and the students know that she cares honestly about them so does their vice principal. These two make a great team! They know how to deal with our children in so many ways and in ways where our children feel comfortable to go to them about anything and everything. Their parents contact is amazing and how they just know every students name and their parents floors me. The teaching staff goes right along with them they are just as wonderful. I can't wait for my other two children to go to Edison! I knew my children were in good hands at this school. The only thing that they would need to work on is getting the 8th graders ready to go into high school. My one daughter who is going to be a junior next year had the shock of her life with the change. Even though her older sister and us her parents tried to tell her about the classroom changes and about high school it seemed like the biggest thing the schools wanted the children to know about was the huge drug problem. So my daughter went from high honor roll and loving school to hating school and horrible grades that are unacceptable to us her parents. As well as her coaches but she is trying to work on it and still trying to get the hang of the whole high school thing. Other than that little issue this school does above and beyond in every way. The teacher care so much about the children the sports the school offers are amazing and I just wish they started in 6th grade as well but I do get that we need to let the children get use to being in junior high before we introduce sports into their school year as well. Then when they are in sports the coaches involve the parents in everything and the parents do bake sales ect to help out their child's team. I can't say enough good about this school!
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