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Arlington Woods School 99

Indianapolis, IN
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  • Grades PK-6
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  • Enrollment: 503


Arlington Woods School 99
5801 East 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(317) 226-4299
Arlington Woods School 99 is located in Indianapolis, IN and serves grades PK-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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There are not enough words to describe how bad this school is! My experience there was horrifying, I couldn't believe everyday I was there children as young as kindergarten age were flipping out in the hallways. Screaming and yelling, cursing at teachers. And the teachers had no type of control! I had a first grade class and when I tell you it was like nothing I've ever seen. The majority of the kids were not even up to first grade level in reading or math. There was no help for Spanish speaking students, except being taken out of class for about 20 minutes to go work with a speech person. But they needed someone in class with them or at least someone who comes and help them with their classwork. Let's start with the older secretary who works the front desk, she is a piece of work. She told me to put ones down the attendance list even if the student wasn't present. The principal was coming in one day I was coming down the hallway with my class and one of the students let out the line, I stopped the principal to tell her one of my students isn't with the group and she told me she just walked in and can she at least take her coat off! She never found out what I wanted, she just didn't care. They have this room you are suppose to send kids that are misbehaving it's called BAC that's a complete joke. They make you fill out a sheet to send up with the child. It has all these different reasons why the child is being sent there. And then you have to write an extra explanation about what happened. But it's a waste of time because they will find any reason to send the kids back. They don't even want to deal with them. Unbelievable! I saw a young boy roaming the hallway all day once. I couldn't believe it. They run out of printing paper constantly in every printer and don't have on hand for you to reload the machines, except in the office where the secretary guards the printer like a hawk. There are a few good teachers there that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. They helped me a great deal and it is the grace of God they are there. But their joy is being sucked out of them I'm sure. The time I worked there I would go home mentally and physically tired. The environment is so draining and unpleasant, so how can students really get a quality education when their class is being disrupted constantly. I will not ever work here again
Our teachers put in 120% daily and love these kids. We have 5 or 6 teachers who have been here for 15 Yeats and jave seen the best and the worst this school has been through but because we are a strong connected group and we start our day together in faith, we continue to strive to make every child reach their potential.
My grandson went to this school this past year. My son is trying very very hard to enroll him somewhere else, I have never seen anything like this school, I am not even going to comment on all I feel is wrong. just if you can send your children somewhere else. please do
Our school is the only "A" school on the East side of Indianapolis, where 84% of the schools rank a "D" or "F". Project:RESTORE, a teacher led turnaround, has been implemented at Arlington Woods Elementary since 2009. 88% of the students pass ISTEP in Math. 94% of the students pass ISTEP in Creative Writing. Our school continually rewards those students who show academic growth. We take trips to the local skating rink, Holiday World, and the local indoor water park. We merely ask of our students to show growth and be kind. I am proud to have taught at IPS #99 for the past 10 years.
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