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Oliver Ames High School

Easton, MA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1189


Oliver Ames High School
100 Lothrop Street
Easton, MA 02356
(508) 230-3210
Oliver Ames High School is located in Easton, MA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Oliver Ames is a really good school. The teacher are really good, the guidance office is absolutely fantastic as well. The big problems are that there is massive amounts of drug use both in and around school and the school turns a blind eye to it, as do the police. And while the school is perfect for the wealthier population. they have no tolerance for the poor, like me. They require you to have high speed internet access in order to submit essays or it will not be graded. You also must pay about $20 in both ELA and your language class in order to get a book required to pass. Also, the wealthier students and parents are completely rude to the less fortunate making it quite a hostile environment for the poor. Also, if you play a non popular sport, you will not be talked about unless you are going to win the school money as all this schools administration cares about is making money.
The complaint about drugs by one poster must be a family issue because my kids love this school, its faculty, and the principal. If you want to do drugs you can find them anywhere but the school has zero tolerance for drug use or possession with an automatic 10 day suspension and kids are expelled who get caught dealing. The school is top rated because it is a great school. Reputations are built based on reality and OA is a top tier school. My kids left OA with AP College Credits and exceptional SAT scores. OA sends kids to the best schools in the country and if your kid wants to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities available they will have an amazing four years. Best school in the area and the Principal, Mr. Paul is the reason this school is where it is today.
Yes, the school is known for its great reputation academically. Guidance is excellent. If you are an involved parent, teachers ...some teachers ... Are willing to work with you if your child is failing. Other than wealthy, educated kids, this school is well known for its drug problem throughout the community. Unfortunately, admin seems to like to turn a blind eye to the problem and pretend that drug deals do not occur, right next to the in house police officers parked car, on a daily basis. They would rather you think that OA is a academically advanced school in a beautiful top 100 place to live community than face the fact there is a huge drug problem. For that alone I give the principle 1 star.
I am a parent of a Special Education student. I do have to say that although the school spends a great deal of money on asthetics and athletics, it is lacking in administrative accountability around education. Staff being nice to children may be enough for some adults, but I believe teachers are there to educate, not make friends. The class size is too large and inclusion classes do not have para's in them. The students are bullying some teachers, and administration turns a blind eye to the problem. Teachers are held responsible for teaching, discipline, testing, tutoring, and IEP monitoring. All impossible to do with 30 children and 1 teacher. Administration needs to be more active in the classroom set-up.
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