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Somerville High School

Somerville, MA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1215


Somerville High School
81 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 625-6600
Somerville High School is located in Somerville, MA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Fantastic. Great Teachers. Great Athletics Program. Great Diversity. Great Music and Arts Program. Constantly Improving
I can not think of a Better High School for any Student than Somerville High School.I grew up in Somerville born and raised and i can tell yea this School is the best hands down .If you are thinking of Moving to Somerville Mass i can assure you that the Somerville School system is the best..One great thing about SHS is when your daughter or son first walks through the door from the first day of school it is the memories that will last a life time .I graduated from the High School 28 years ago and i can tell yea i still thing about the great times i had and the friends i made.The other best thing about SHS is the teachers who care about there students everyday and it is also a very safe to send your child to SHS .I can not think of any other high school in Mass that would top SHS .The school song says it all Somerville leads the way and always will.I can assure you and trust me SHS is the best always had and always will be .The student body is also Terrific and they all get along
Somerville High is the Lab School of the 21st Century. It has the most diverse student body - in cultures, languages (50), nationalities, and aspirations (with one of three integrated vocational programs in the state) - and the richest range of in and out of school activities in Greater Boston. More than any other school, students teach each other and their teachers - key skills across class, culture and career, critical media and communication, pride and collaboration - while teachers help students use that teaching most effectively in creating futures. The weakness of the school is parental involvement - both outreach to bring parents in, and engagement to make more careers more palpable to more members of the community. Just as the school has stabilized its teacher population, increasing skills with technology to match interpersonal sensitivity to race and class and aspirations, it is slowly and carefully engaging parents, community resources, and others in broadening the overall experience of each student. And students are documenting that increasing breadth in online, multimedia portfolios that show increasing awareness of how their multicultural skills are critical.
Somerville High School has undergone a sea change in the past 5 or so years, all for the better. The new headmaster has made intelligent changes to the school; he's active and solicits parent & student input. Grade 9 has a cluster system so kids take major subjects w/ the same students, & the teachers share an office to consult re their students. There are 11 AP classes, & other classes are Honors, Standard, or Skill level; there's a great voc-tech program & biotech. Kids can take classes in any strand if they qualify (so, standard in one class, Honors in another, voc-tech & AP, etc.). Morale among students & faculty is terrific, which is great b/c this is a highly diverse school (racially, ethnically, socio-econ.): kids whose parents are professionals or artists, whose parents grew up here or just came to the US, all get along & share school spirit. A great mediation prgm helps too. Teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects & about teaching/mentoring/coaching kids. The result is kids love to learn & try new things, without being stressed out. College attendance rates are climbing (close to 80%), & PSAT is free to every student. Sports and clubs are free, too. Great art pgm
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