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Atco Elementary School

Atco, NJ
  • Public
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  • Grades K-1
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  • Enrollment: 202


Atco Elementary School
2162 Cooper Road
Atco, NJ 08004
(856) 767-4200
Atco Elementary School is located in Atco, NJ and serves grades K-1.
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There is very little in the way of basic textbooks... they don't even supply a reader for first graders... my daughter gets these little cheapo paper booklets that look like they are run off on the school copier! The administration is always whining about the budget, but there are plenty of fat salaries paid out ... I am appalled to learn that many of the elementary school teachers in this school (as well as the rest of the district) have nearly doubled their salaries just because they hold a masters degree. A masters degree is not a requirement for a NJ elementary school teacher.... we could hire two teachers for every teacher we have who has their masters. And to say that this in any way makes them better teachers is a crock... the classrooms are so cluttered with unnecessary junk, that I don't see how the janitor is supposed to clean a result they are not very clean. The walls and floors are so packed with junk, I really don't see how any child can learn in such an environment. All that is needed is basic textbooks and the alphabet displayed on the wall for the children to see. At this age, they should be concentrating on the fundamentals - reading and handwriting.
Well everything seems to be all well until your children reach grades 4-6 and go to Waterford Elementary School. The kids there especially in grades 6th are very ignorant, mouthy and seem to bully whoever they want with NO fear of getting into trouble. Although Mr. Hare is ontop of it and is a very good principle there is always someone who falls thru the cracks. The buses are horrendous with NO control either and there are so many bullies that it is scary. The girls are just as bad as the boys that if your not in their click what out. I sure do hope that all teachers, aides and assistants help to NOT tolerate this behavior. Kids today dont know how to talk to each other or adults it is a real shame. Parents keep your eyes and ears open, it time kids learned respect and self control!!!!