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Brdgwtr Raritn Middle School

Bridgewater, NJ
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 1375


Brdgwtr Raritn Middle School
128 Merriwood Rd
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 231-8661
Brdgwtr Raritn Middle School is located in Bridgewater, NJ and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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I have to say . I went though the BR schools back in the 70s & 80s. No change. The parents have no say. The teachers and staff know best. NOT. They are over paid for what they try and teach. I have a kid in 8th grade that cant sign his name. If I could give zero star I would. They want us to pay 285.00 for a class trip to Hersey Park. 24 HRs and they only get 6 HRs at the park. You got to be kidding me. They have a dance the night before at the Hotel, they must dress up for this. Dress shoes, Dress pants, Tie for the boys. If you don't dress up you will be sent back to your room. Recap 285.00 for a 24 HR trip plus dress clothes for a 3 HR dance.
Best time of my life, although there are a few teachers i could not care for, many of them are amazing and provide an incredible experiance. i hate the high school, and i miss middle school
since i have limited characters i'll give my reasons in bullets (BTW i'm not a parent I'm a student) -teachers lack authority, quality of teachers inconsistent -politics not taught, teachers should not fear if students can think for themselves -distracting/mean/manipulating students mostly -some classes/lessons irrelevant to life or useless -students don't get enough say of how the school is run (questionable because lots of students aren't capable of rational thinking) -terrible/unhealthy "food" -sometimes teachers/staff may get somewhat too involved in student dilemmas -in some extra help courses, the sessions are too crowded and each student hardly benefits any knowledge Sure hope the high school is better (this school isn't all bad, when they're good things you'll know them) because this school was somewhat not for me.
I went to this school from the time I was in 6th grade to 8th grade (07-08, 08-09, and 09-10). My experience at this school from an academic standpoint was fairly decent. My teachers knew what they were talking about, and their teaching methods were excellent. The staff was friendly, and they didn't discriminate or make fun of any of the students. If it weren't for the next topic, I would have given this school an A-. From a social standpoint, this school was anything but disastrous. My fellow peers often complained about the most trivial things, and often refused to do anything simply because of it. The students at the school were horribly critical of others and frequently made fun of me for being different and just being me. It got so bad that I was almost driven to suicide. Thankfully, I didn't go through with my grim plan, for I moved away after graduating and getting away from them. Long story short, the kids that go to this school need serious work. Because of this, my final grade for this school is a C. Kids of today: Get your act together!
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