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Watchung Elementary School

Montclair, NJ
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 426


Watchung Elementary School
14 Garden Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 509-4259
Watchung Elementary School is located in Montclair, NJ and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Excellent school with great teachers & parents. There always complainers at every school. It's all dependent on your teacher & how your child is doing, just like in every school.
There are obvious classism and racism issues at this school. Most of the fellow parents are cliquey and form their exclusive groups. PTA does not make all parents feel welcome to contribute. Sometimes new kids are excluded by children and I have personally seen some parents who encouraged such behavior in their children. Gym teacher is unnecessarily strict and impersonal. I have almost never seen him smile in three years we spent at Watchung! Most teachers are average at best. We are at a different Montclair school now and as a mixed race couple, we feel welcome and part of the school community. My son comes home happy every day from school. Watchung unfortunately does not have cohesive and supportive environment where every child is valued and every parent is respected.
Like any school, private or public, it's all dependent upon the actual teacher teaching your child in the classroom. We've had 60/40 experience with the pot luck of teachers at the Watchung School. For example, my child had 3 language arts teachers in 7 months due to the original LA teacher being on maternity leave-only to come back right after the PARRC exams were administered and when she came back, her mind wasn't on teaching. It was still with her new born baby-wished she would have stayed home but then she would have lost her tenured. Also...Since we just moved to the district, they put my other child at Watchung School in a class where the teacher was just an awful teacher but personally very nice as a person. For example, she didn't tell me that my child did not do daily math worksheets (over 120 pages!) until late February during our second parent-teacher conference! She said she wasn't concerned bc he was so smart and she knew he could do it. :-< what about discipline, responsibility and reinforcement?!? -obviously she had no control in the class. Her approach is more free flowing whereas my child needed more structure. I took the workbook home to complete. I've found that he did know most of the math but needed help and had gaps in his learning like telling time and measurement, but I was glad I made him take the time to do all the work he missed out on! It was reinforcing what he already knew and we took time learning areas where he needed help in. Sounds a lot like home schooling here but that's exactly what needs to be done if you get a teacher that's not a good teacher. So I have Watchung School a poor rating bc these are major, core subjects-not music, art or greenhouse. Oh, the greenhouse is nothing to be excited about. The teacher is lovely but again, some students bond and some students get left behind base on their relationship with the teacher. If your child is among the selected and chosen, they may get a more in dept education in what this greenhouse is all about. Otherwise, don't hold your breath. There are a handful of really good teachers-lucky if you get any of them. But new and transfer students obviously get placed in a class with the more undesirerable teachers. Thus, I've moved to Montclair, had my children in Montclair school - Watchung School for a year and now transferred them out and into private school a few blocks away.
It seems to me that the rating has been dropping since 2009 as the principal situation has been unstable since about that time. Underwhelmed with current principal. Preferred Dr. T who stayed for 2 years before moving into assitant superintendent position in Newark.
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