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East Side High School

Newark, NJ
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1986


East Side High School
238 Van Buren Street
Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 465-4900
East Side High School is located in Newark, NJ and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 1 out of 10
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Native American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Two or more races

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Wonderful, impactful, promising, college preparedness and futuristic
Over the decades, East Side has been the place where immigrant teens would learn the American way of life. It is a place that holds really great memories for thousands of students. I think its location, in itself, creates the opportunity for students to learn and have city smarts as well. Bloom where you're planted --as the saying goes. So....forget Millburn and live within your means. There is a great neighborhood feeling that you will not find in suburbia---one the greatest neighborhoods in the USA.
This school is very unappreciated. I'm going on my fourth year at this school and it's top of the line because it's intellectually stimulating. You can pay for your child to go to a top of the line private school where they learn to regurgitate information and fill in bubbles. East Sides teachers are extremely intelligent and caring about ALL their students. The problem is that students need to take more advantage of their educational opportunities and develop their talents accordingly. I feel there is some neglect upon the more academically involved activities and a focus on athletics. Also many electives are unappreciated by higher administration. The problem is not the students are teachers because the students want to attain useful education that is more suited and catered to their career path that teachers are than willing to do. When we still enforce the same standardized testing that focus on Math and reading comprehension that have no real relation to students as individuals is where we come to see the problem. The students at East Side are incredibly intelligent, but the failure to recognize this by the superintendents and governor fails these great minds
East Side High School is the safest of the non magnet schools, but is by far ill-equipped to send children to a good higher institute of education. The teachers are there by nepotism. Because the principal is Portuguese, which means that more than half of the teachers and administration are Portuguese. Many might say it is because it is in a Portuguese neighborhood, but there are 3 ESL classes for Spanish and Portuguese, so I do not get why there are so many Portuguese teachers in this school specifically. The people that get the most attention are the athletes, and the students that are consistently in trouble. The A.P Calculus class is great BUT NONE OF THE REST, should've offered B.C. The principal, Santos, does not focus on students getting to the honors and A.P classes, they don't care to push them. Also you have to be recommended for these classes which is why no one knows about those classes. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE. IF YOU WANT THEM TO SUCCEED, GET A STUDIO OR 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT IN MILLBURN AND WATCH YOUR KIDS GET INTO THE TOP OF THE LINE SCHOOLS! highest SAT SCORE for the past 3 years is a 1770 out of 2400, which could not even get you into Rutgers Business School.
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