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West Side High School

Newark, NJ
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 545


West Side High School
403 South Orange Ave
Newark, NJ 07103
(973) 733-6630
West Side High School is located in Newark, NJ and serves grades 9-12.
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Native American or Native Alaskan
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Reviews11 Reviews

It's poor I won't even advise anyone to go here. I'm in 9th grade and the course I offered in my former school like engineering design they don't offer here and they gave me a course I never wanted to offer in my life,I want to be successful and I can't if I'm not on the right path.Pls help.Westside is even make me hate math because the teacher dosent even look professional,same goes with my history teacher.I miss engineering design,biology and i wish can continue offering this course because I want to go to college
North star middle school is great!I'm a student at northstar middle school.This school has helped me in a way other schools coundn't do.The teachers helps us understand and I know that they want us to do great things with the world.Our lit teachers shows us words that are stronger words but mean the same things as ex:sad,mad,happy,like,said,etc.
As You read from the reviews below, Most kids From 2010 and up will say its a bad school, and students before 2010 may say its a decent school with exception from the bad prinicipal they had. But in my opinion, i dont think the school in general is bad, its just the students that acts up. If you look at the student & Teachers tab, then click teachers, you will see that west side has 1058 and thats 20 students per teacher. That is a lot of students per teacher, and i believe some student is not getting the most attention and help that they need. This school could be better, but the reputation is just horrible. The only reason im at west side, is because i moved from another district, and it was to late to apply for another school, so i am here temporary, currently with a 3.0 Average. Then will transffer next year. Not because You're in westside, it gives you a reason to start failing because of the bad reputation. Its really not that bad and if You as a Student apply yourself, you can come out really succesful out of westside. Together We rise, Together we fall, Together w win, Winner Takes all!
Let me tell you something about West Side High school, its not a horrible school, the school cant be horrible, its the student that's making it bad, they the one that cant sustain. I mean seriously we have some good teachers that will help you and staffs and others. The only way you can be successful is that to keep your head up and don't follow other students that are doing the wrong thing and you'll get to the top as long as you stay focus.
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