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Pennsauken High School

Pennsauken, NJ
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  • Grades 9-12
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Pennsauken High School
800 Hylton Rd
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
(856) 662-8500
Pennsauken High School is located in Pennsauken, NJ and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Both of my daughters attended Pennsauken Schools from 2002-2013. The schools have deteriorated terribly. I think as administration changed to the current administration it has had a huge impact on the quality of services, the dedication and commitment of the teachers and the quality of education provided. There was a time when the teachers dedicated their personal time to the students and was highly invested. However the schools have allowed poor management, poor curriculum, poor behavior by students and a lessening of standards. I sold my house and bought a house in a better school district because Pennsauken REFUSED to evaluate my daughter by the Child Study Team despite her struggling academically. The new school system recognized her difficulties immediately after attending Pennsauken since kindergarten till 5 th grade. They evaluated her and she was diagnosed with a learning disability. Pennsauken had no consideration for my child's needs. In addition they did not believe there was an issue. The new district that we live in is 100% better than Pennsauken. It has an excellent curriculum along with lap tops for every student. They truly are invested in my child. Sadly enough Pennsauken use to be a good district. I have seen the changes and it is sad at what is not valued. If you have a choice don't attend these schools. Utilize the School Choice program that allows you to attend schools outside of your district. The biggest indicator was attending a high school graduation in Pennsauken and the valedictorian was attending a community college. They must do better!!!
I am a student at this school, and I honestly don't think badly about it. I've lived all throughout South Jersey, and I can say that this is one of the lower tiered schools that I've gone to at a first glance. I think that the education you get here really depends on what YOU as a student do. Every teacher that I've met has really tried to help me succeed. Unfortunately, I moved here in the beginning of fall and didn't realize that I had chosen all College Prep classes. I can say that probably 15/20 students in a CP class don't value their education. Because of this, the teachers actually seem to have given up on the class as a whole. It's honestly really sad to see that in the beginning of the year, the teacher will make a genuine effort to get to know the class as a whole, but throughout the year they'll lower their standards and pull away from doing any more than they really need to. If I were to estimate, probably more than half of my fellow classmates lack any form of respect for authority. Maybe this is because of the approach the teacher takes to have control, or maybe it's just the way that they students were raised. Keep in mind, this is JUST COLLEGE PREP. I haven't had my chance to experience any Honors Classes, but I'd assume that they differ majorly. I can tell that all students that I've met have so much potential to do well academically, but they lack almost all motivation to do more than what's necessary (sometimes not even that.) Relating to other aspects of the Highschool, I would say that it's a bit run down but is well taken care of for it's age. Some of the doors and a lot of the flooring are the original from the 1960's and look relatively new. Some of the appliances and furnishing is a bit outdated for today's standards, but with brand new computer labs and set ups, it's become relatively up to date. Referring to the staff, I'd say that they are fantastic. I haven't met one teacher that didn't care. I personally am very inspired by all of my teachers. You can greet and hold a conversation with every staff member and get a generally good idea of who they are. From my observation, I can say that the school is doing well with who it's hiring, although something obviously needs to be done to fix it financially. Overall, I can say that the experience you get here is based on what YOU do! Enjoy your time here, as it's what you make of it!!
I'm am happy to know that the district has made the decision to release the automatic point grade of no less than a 50. Maybe if they raised the standards the kids will actually have to work to pass. They are not encouraged, it just makes them lazy and ok with "getting by" because hey, what do they care, they don't believe in them enough to challenge them. I know my child played the "numbers" game, and with 60 being a passing grade why would they even try. The middle school has a passing grade of 70 so why would the HS have 60 as a passing grade. Why lower the standards in HS? I don't get it. Kids are able to learn if encouraged and taught. The guidance office is really good in my experience, most of the teachers are good in my experience. Don't limit these kids, they are fully capable, believe in them and they will believe in themselves and do better.
This school is awful. The students, are not prepared for college by any means. The standards are super low. Its a hit or miss if you get a teacher that actually cares and really teach the work. When a child is held to such low standards you produce a low standard individual. No goals or hopes to be something great in society. Its just sad. I dont think its so much the teachers but the administration, the administration sets the tone and in my experience they are just uncaring and set in their ways
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