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Lenape Val Regional High School

Stanhope, NJ
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 706


Lenape Val Regional High School
28 Stanhope Sparta Road
Stanhope, NJ 07874
(973) 347-7600
Lenape Val Regional High School is located in Stanhope, NJ and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Great teachers, variety of education and great size classes
Lenape Valley is a good school until you really look deep. Even though the school was built in the 70's, the staff has fallen behind on keeping the school up to date. Shortage in money caused all the smaller activities and sports to be tossed aside as the football and baseball team is praised. The teachers are very good at their job, but it is a shame to see the school fall a part. Physicly the roof leaks everywhere and the whole school needs a renovation. Educationally, the teachers are okay. Some great and others awful. But the drug situation has been masked. I attended Lenape 3 years ago and my sister tells me stories of k-9 teams coming into the school a couple of times each year to search lockers. They do bust a few people each time. Time were not as bad but she also mentions the use of E- Cigarettes in class. It distracts from their education. A big defect of this school is its art department. The school has neglected the arts and paid more attention to the sports. I was big in art and they would refuse to buy us new supplies. But your view of lenape depends on where you chose to work. I just wanted to give a deeper first hand look of the situation in Lenape.
Poor experience. Attending Lenape Valley High School was a undesirable experience that I would never repeat again. Being a minority, it is often not too difficult to blend in with the local crowd by simply being friendly and social, however, this school could not be any further from that statement. Bullying and name-calling should be expected, as fellow students will say anything (forget the level of degree of the insult) to impress their friends, boy/girlfriends, and the so called "cooler kids". The amount of derogatory terms I have heard about over the span of these prolonged four years was overbearing at times, however I continued to keep my head up. If you are a parent interested in Lenape Valley Regional High School, your son or daughter will make friends just as they would at any other school. However the amount of hate and "back-talking" may hinder your child s high school education. I was able to tolerate my experience by taking hurtful and negative comments and transforming them to self-motivational concepts. As a result, Lenape Valley has made me into a stronger individual, however I would hate to see other fellow students struggle as I did.
I graduated from Lenape in 2004 and I loved my 4 years there. I loved my teachers and I did very well. I'm considering moving back to the area so that my son will go to Lenape when he is older.
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