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Daniel Webster No. 2 Elementary School

Weehawken, NJ
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-2
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  • Enrollment: 414


Daniel Webster No. 2 Elementary School
2700 Palisade Avenue
Weehawken, NJ 07086
(201) 422-6150
Daniel Webster No. 2 Elementary School is located in Weehawken, NJ and serves grades PK-2.
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We recently moved to the area and transferred our daughter (1st grade) into the school back in October. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the teachers, educational rigor, number of available activities, and level of support. It has been a great partnership so far and we have no doubt it'll continue.
Recess is only 15-20 mins. They cannot run during recess. If they run, they get punished, by not being allowed to play. The policies are such that the teachers are pretty strict and dry with the kids. This is an elementary school. Not a high school. There is no need for the mindset of punitiveness with the kids. Kids NEED to run outside and play for at least 1 hr every day. That helps them learn and think better and to behave better. That’s proven scientific fact. By not giving them enough opportunity get away from the rigid structure and to just have free play, the school is in fact creating behavioral problems. School is not supposed to be a prison. They send kids to the principal’s office for any little thing. My child called another child a dork, or something like that, and was sent to the principal’s office for that. When my child told me that, I couldn’t believe he was sent to the principal’s office for THAT. I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous reason to send a 5 yr old child to the principal. That should’ve been handled in the classroom. Criminalizing kids for being kids, and especially boys for being boys, is exactly what will create behavioral problems. People with a punitive mentality will find things to punish even if there aren’t any legitimate reasons to go there at all. My child used to be a happy child and was excited to start school, now he is sad every day. The school has a new principal, Mrs Rudowsky, who has been great so far, and I really hope that she will change these backwards, inhumane policies.
I strongly dislike the atmosphere in this school. The administration might be responsible for the toxic atmosphere.This is a closed school, which means parents are not allowed in the school at all. If parents even linger a bit too long standing by the door, watching their kid go to his/her class, the lady at the door yells at them to hurry up and clear out.The administration feels like a clique, and are more interested in maintaining power over, rather than serving and providing the best service possible to the community. The school secretary has yelled at me several times and has insulted several other parents with the things she said to them, or treated them in a hostile manner. I told the principle that this has happened. And that it creates a negative environment for the kids and the parents. He ignored my email. The curriculum feels dumbed down. They are doing the same exact assignments in my child’s Kindergarten class, as he has already mastered in pre K. Some of the stuff they are given, many kids learn when they are 3. My child’s teacher refused to give him more challenging assignments, even though the principle said that by law the school has to give each student assignments that are at their level.With that said, some teachers are very nice, and seem to be doing as good a job as they can. The community is excellent in this neighborhood; the parents care. That positively influences my child’s experience in the school and raises the level of the school in my eyes.But I would not want my child continuing on to middle school here. Would rather move.
Webster school is an amazing starting point to a great education. Excellent full day pre-k program!!
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