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Thomas R Grover Middle School

West Windsor, NJ
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1188


Thomas R Grover Middle School
10 Southfield Rd
West Windsor, NJ 08550
(609) 716-5250
Thomas R Grover Middle School is located in West Windsor, NJ and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Well my daughter has almost had straight A's all year so I'm happy with the teachers ability to communicate and explain what they are teaching. I do have an issue that every religion including Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, are being taught to the kids in detail but they skipped right over Jesus Christ. Have not taught the kids anything about that and a comment made from one of the teachers that well they thought he was God, and it's just a religion. I don't happen to think the Bible or God is religion, but my Father and creator. So every religion can have their Gods and they can teach the kids about it but not the one true God, well there is obviously a spiritual battle in the United States and in West Windsor! I do like the school and all of the classes are amazing including the electives, this is my one and only issue.
This is an amazing school with great programs, teachers, students, and a wonderful location. This schools test scores are close to perfect and the students work hard and productive each day in class without wishing they weren't in school. The staff are perfect and very respectful to the students; as the students are in return. This school deserves to win this because they and a 11/10 in my book.
The person below me obviously has never been to this school, nor has he/she ever bothered to learn about the school records. Behold, the results of the American Diploma Project Test of 2011 in math: 7% of New Jersey has received an "advanced proficient" rating in Algebra 1, yet 30% of the entire school population received that same rating (675 or above out of 800). If those standards are low, then so is the IQ of the below reviewer. Has any other school walked away with trophies each year in orchestra competitions for about 9 years in a row? The Thomas R. Grover Middle School 8th grade orchestra has consistently received the highest cumulative scores in such competitions out of all age groups (high school, middle school, etc) and group types (band, orchestra, choir, etc). If such a school is considered "unruled" and "libertine" (obviously the below parent has never attended a school before), then everything else probably is. Although my opinion of the school may be slightly biased because I am a student at it, the facts speak for themselves.
This school is way over rated. It has a very low standards curriculum especially math. No challenge for the students, The teachers and counselours are not helping as they should and worse no dress code very unruled and libertine environment. No wonder this country is famous for bad schools and not smart students
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