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Dover Elementary School

Dover Plains, NY
  • Public
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  • Grades 3-5
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  • Enrollment: 320


Dover Elementary School
9 School Street
Dover Plains, NY 12522
(845) 877-5730
Dover Elementary School is located in Dover Plains, NY and serves grades 3-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My children have both thrived thus far. We were skeptical of the district but we are pleasantly surprised! The school goes above and beyond with learning, extra help, and supporting families that need it. Easy to communicate with the teachers and district staff when needed. We have been very happy.
my child is in the 4th grade. when she was in 2nd grade she had a really hard time and should have been held back. they pushed her through to 3rd grade. the same thing happened. they pushed her through. now she is in 4th grade and most of her grades are between 30-60's. and they still push her through. i'm looking to try and move out of this school district. i have nothing good to say about it. the teachers expect you to teach your child everything. forgive me if i'm wrong but don't we send them to school to learn? i don't think it's right that the teachers go over something once and expect the kids to get it. so we as parents have to sit down and teach them when they come home. so they work all day and all night. i think the school should care more about the kids learning and less about numbers that they need to reach. they should not send children to the next grade if they are not sure on the work. and maybe make another small class that will help the kids that are falling behind.
My child has attended this school district from k - 4th grade and is a special education student. The special education in the district is severely unsatisfactory. The department says one thing and tells you about the wonderful programs that they offer and the classroom settings and how well their system works. But its not. They tell you about how they offer smaller class sizes (26 students instead of 32),with 2 teachers and an aid but what they do not tell you is that there are 2 or more 'smaller' classes that are combined and taught as one big classroom that share those 2 teachers and 1 aid.Be prepared to spend alot of time yourself working with your child because if your child falls behind they will not attempt to try and help them and will just pass them to the next grade and pass the buck to the next teacher